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Independence. It's YOUR Body.

Well, here is my story. I had loved the look of nipple piercings since I was a lot younger, always thinking they so perfectly adorned women. I always felt I'd like one, but that I'd never have the courage to let someone poke a hole through one of mine! However, about 4 months ago I really started to consider a nipple piercing as a possibility. I have had my tongue, navel and cartilage piercing experiences and I figured I had to try at least one really painful one! And as for all those people who say "well how will you feel later in life when you dont want it?" Well, for starters, I might still love it at 80 when my breasts drag on the floor, and secondly, I'm not going to waste my life NOT doing what I want because I might regret it when I'm older. I could die tomorrow, and the piercings controlled "harm" that I'm consenting to experience right? So WHY NOT?

Unfortunately, obviously a glitch, my girlfriend had a problem with it, and she really didn't want me to get it done, even to the point of saying she wouldn't feel comfortable sleeping with anymore. This should have been a warning sign as to what was to come, but I'd been with her for 2 years so I figured I could let it slide for now. Two months ago she left me, and I could think of no better way to show my independence and my freedom from the situation than by running straight down to my usual piercing and getting my nipple done!

I had decided, and that Saturday, me and two friends went to the steel paintbrush with the talented Lee and the calming Kim! I paid (as a thank you present) for one of my friend's to get her ear stretched, and then I figured it was now or never, and asked Kim to do my piercing.

Once upstairs, the adrenaline was really pumping. I was shivering as she was sorting out all of her equipment (which is always spotless, I might add). She laughed, but it made me feel more relaxed; she's great at getting you psyched for it. I took my took off and she did her thing. Hah. Only after it was all over I realised I'd stood there, naked from the waist up, with this woman clamping my nipple!

Once she'd marked everything, she was ready to go. She asked me if I was prepared and I said no, but that I wanted it like mad anyway! I laid down on the.. Benchy thing. You know, like a dentist's chair type thing. Well, I laid back on that. Totally shitting myself. I always try and take my mind off it all by looking at this hot poster they have on the wall, but this was so hard to draw my attention away from. I felt the needle go in, and it was no worse than I expected. But oh my god, when it hit the centre, which I can only guess was the accumulation of nerve endings, I literally screamed "fookin hell" and snapped two nails off by clasping the sides of the bench. The titanium bar followed straight through, and hurt almost as much. I've never sworn in a piercing, maybe gasped, but that was PAINFUL.

On the other hand, I sat up, and I was so SO happy. I was so proud of myself for going through those 2 seconds of agony for this beautiful bit of metal, which was not only amazing, but represented my independence from my relationship. To this day I am still in love with the piercing and I wouldn't take back the experience for anything. I have to admit though, you never realise how cold you get during the day... I walked out of the studio and a breeze relieved and caused agony. The burning from the wound was soothed, but the movement was awkward, and continued to be for some time. I have to admit that, now, getting cold can be quite fun! And you can get some gorgeous jewellery for the piercing if that's your perogative.

Oh, and it healed in 3 weeks! No problems whatsoever! I would just advise you avoid too much playing, if you know what I mean. It gets caught a little to easy in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, after 2 weeks I barely noticed it. Just mind your bra, especially if you're a girl who ties at the front then shifts the cups round. Be careful!

To anyone out there who's thinking about it, but who thinks it'll hurt too much - GO FOR IT. You wont regret it!

Yes, and I totally recommend the steel paintbrush for anyone in the north of England!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: kim
Studio: steelpaintbrush+studio
Location: durham+-+NE+england

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