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Happy 21st!

Right before my 21st birthday I decided I really wanted to get something pierced. I was going to do it on my birthday at this parlor in SF but I read up on yelp.com and discovered Body M. I decided to check it out the next day and once I got there I realized this was it: my nipples were getting pierced. I felt so bad for poor Eldo, who was working the desk because I was rambling because I was so nervous. I was telling him everything, why I wanted it done, how scared I was, and how much I couldn't believe I was doing this. I ended up waiting for what felt like 15 minutes but was apparently closer to 30 minutes before I could go into the back room.

 He took me in the back, sat me down and explained in detail, exactly what we were going to do. Then he had me take my shirt off, he marked, waited about 5 minutes, came back and remarked so they would be straight and even.  In the end he did this about 4 times because as nipples get erect they twist. He actually gave the marker to me so I knew that it hadn't been used on someone else.  I was totally relaxed in the back, topless, waiting for my nipples to soften so he could check his marks.  He made sure I was standing the exact same way every time so that everything was laying the same way.  For me, this was super important because I have DD's and having one be way off center would have looked awful.  Then the moment was upon us.

 He had me lay down and stare at the bugs behind me to keep my attention somewhere else.   He warned me by counting for the right nipple and one two three, through it went.  Did it hurt?  So bad, but now, 6 months later, I can barely recall the pain.  I remember quinting really hard because I am a pain wuss, but once it was through and hanging out, the pain was minimal. As someone on here said, 5 minutes of pain for a lifetime of pleasure.  I made the mistake of looking down while the needle was still in place however and he had to go get me two lollipops so I would be ok. He replaced the needle with the jewelry, which also hurt because the larger end of the needle had to go through first so the jewelry would fit correctly.  He then let me sit for about 5 minutes so I could recover before the second.  Why two lollipops? One for each nipple.    I called him back in to do the second and this time I actually squeaked "Ouch!" because it did hurt a little more, but not like I had expected it to. I had expected this monstrous pain that felt like my nipples were falling off.  I waited till he was all done before looking and was quite impressed. Again, putting the jewelry through hurt, but I knew the worst of it was over.  I waited a few more minutes before redressing to go out and pay, but the entire time I wasn't feeling rished, they wanted me to have a good experience and keep it all good.  Not only were they straight, but they looked amazing.  He told me I was an easy pierce because I didn't bleed (which is very common) and I knew exactly what I was doing.

I went out and paid and since it was my birthday he gave me two bags of salt and some liquid soap with instructions. He wrote down all the gauges and sizes for me so when I came back in he could readjust.  When I did go back in, he measured but told me to wait a few more weeks before downsizing and he wrote down which side needed what size so I could buy my own jewelry if I wanted.  6 months later they are still healing, but they look so good I can't help but be thankful I went through with it.  So now the question is: did it hurt?  Yes, but honestly my navel hurt just as much and took quite a bit longer. If you are thinking about doing this, do it!  It really does make you proud of yourself at the end of the night.  Just find a good place to go, not some little shop no one has heard of.

Terror is one thing I was completely full of walking in there, I don't do so well with needles, but he put me at such ease it was like being at a day spa.  I did look at other places online beforehand, but ended up with BodyM because of their reputation.  I could see work that each artist and piercer had done, I knew their bio before I walked in, I knew all about the store.  They were open and honest about everything so going in was a very relaxing experience for something I was so uptight about. Why my nipples you might ask.. Well because my parents have no clue about my piercings and I wanted something that not everyone has, something that can be mine, that I can have fun with, and something that makes me confident.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Eldo
Studio: Body+Manipulations
Location: San+Francisco

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