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Both nipples pierced while on blood thinners

So... to get or not to get my nipples pierced...

I had been thinking of getting the procedure done for a few years before I actually went through with it. At first I had thought it was insane to want to pierce something so precious. Then I was terrified of all the horror stories that were rumored to have occurred. Unable to breast feed, ripping out of the piercing, hitting a nerve. All these things made it so I put off getting pierced for so long.

My love had previously bought me other piercings, and wanted me to get my nipples done. Since he is a big boob person we had confidently found reasons to keep putting the piercings off. He wouldn't be able to keep his hands off, I'm on blood thinners, I work on the oil rigs, etc.

Slowly but surely I found myself wanting these piercings more and more. Needing to get them done and to experience the wonder of a new piercing again. So I started to take the steps.

I asked my doctor if it would be alright for me to get my nipples pierced while being on blood thinners. When I got the go ahead from that sector... it was time to research studios.

Since I live in Saskatchewan Canada right now... I had been looking at studios in both Regina and Saskatoon. Though there are not many around and it would be a 2 hour drive to get to either city.

Unfortunately I ended up going to work up in northern Alberta before I could even go check out any of the places in either city. I thought for sure I would have to wait until the summertime at least. M had other plans though.

We stayed in Edmonton on our one week off this winter, and while we were in West Edmonton Mall we walked by Orchid. (M's sister had piercings here before). While looking at bars to maybe put in my VH, he handed me the release form.

He told me to fill it out as I was getting both my nipples pierced today and we had half an hour to go get me some food and such. (How hot is that...)

I was so nervous and excited. Being told that I had "no choice" and was getting it done was an extreme turn on as well as being the motivation I needed to go through with it. I was finally getting it done!

We filled out the forms, talked to the piercer about me being on blood thinners and then hit the food court for some grub. My stomach was rolling, my pulse was racing and I was so excited. Since I was on blood thinners I also bought some cloth tape and some breast feeding pads, as I was sure to bleed a bit and didn't want to stain my clothes.

When we went into the shop again, she took us to a little back piercing room. I took my shirt and bra off, and stood by the door as she got out her supplies, changed her gloves a million times and inspected my breasts. Marking where she would put the needle in, she had me lay down on the table.

The first one... wow... she did it so fast, and it hurt like a bitch. I believe I just groaned in agony. I swear to god... she only waited seconds between the first and the second piercing. I'm assuming so that I couldn't build up too much adrenaline and/or back out. The second one defiantly hurt more than the first. I actually yelled out in pain. But they were done. I had both my nipples pierced with CBRs and I didn't back down. I was so proud of myself!

It's been a month now and it's been a hard road. Working on the oil rigs has been hard on both me and my nipples. Finding the time to clean them was a huge problem. I was and still am really worried about infection and rejection. I'm constantly looking at things to try and learn if what my nipples look like now is good or bad.

Luckily for me there was a paramedic up on the rigs who was also a piercer. He managed to convince me that they were fine. (Until he left... hehe). They do sit a little off... and for some reason the rings flip up and don't hang down like regular rings usually do. I'm not sure why this is.

I know that because of my blood thinners I will have a longer healing time. I am not sure whether or not the white stuff that comes out of the holes when I clean them is ok or not. It doesn't seem like infection as there isn't any real yellow tinge, or smell, or any real pain. Well any pain that is different than before.

I actually had one of them bleed last night... for no reason... that scared the crap out of me. I'm once again worried and looking on the net to see if anyone else has the same stuff happening with their nipples and if I should see someone about it. I defiantly don't want to lose these before I get to fully appreciate them.

Any tips would be awesome!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Julia%3F+-+Crazy+oriental+lady
Studio: Orchid
Location: West+Edmonton+Mall

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