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What Else Are They There For?

Since I was 12 or 13 I've always said that male nipples are good for one thing and one thing only, to get pierced, why else would they be there? And when I was 16 I did just that, got my nipples pierced.

As a kid I was never really interested in body modifications, I mean, I wanted my ears pierced but then again, what pre-teen boy didn't? I never really thought in depth about any of it, probably because my parents were so against all of the body modifications I knew about at the time. I wasn't allowed to get those ear piercings I wanted, no matter how much I begged and pleaded, my father would just mock me asking if I would like a dress to go with the earrings, and my mother would simply tell me to ask my father, obviously I wasn't getting anywhere.

Along with the fantasies of having pierced ears, and the ideas for tattoos about little things, I always wanted my nipples pierced, and I told my self that no matter what, one day I would have my nipples pierced.

Growing up (about 14 or 15) I told a few of my friends that I wanted my nipples pierced and I actually had one of them tell me that they would pierce them for me, with a safety pin, I said sure but that we should wait until another time to do the piercings, thankfully we never got around to it.

About a month after I turned 16 my father was killed in a car accident so things changed for me. After a few months I realized I could finally do a lot of the stuff that I had been wanting to do, but never could because of my father. By this time a lot more of my friends had gotten piercings and a few had stretched some of theirs. Two of my friends in particular had piercings, Hope, and her boyfriend, Phil.

After spending a lot of my free time with the two, I found out that Phil did piercings, not professionally, but he knew what he was doing for more of the simple piercings (ears, lips, eyebrows) so I had him pierce my ears. It was the same day, moments before piercing me that Phil said that if I wanted to feel real pain I should get my nipples pierced because it was one of the most painful things he had felt, it didn't change my mind though, I was going to get my nipples pierced.

Finally, after getting a few more piercings (lobes a second time, and labret) and becoming more familiar with the sensation of being pierced I decided I was going to have Phil pierce my nipples. When I asked him about it he agreed as long as I bought my own jewelery. Of course I did what any 16 year old would do when told to by a set of nipple rings, I went to the local Spencer's at the mall and bought some 14g externally threaded horseshoe rings(great idea eh?) I called Phil and told him I had the jewelery and he told me that he had to work for the rest of the week but he had off the following Wednesday, so now it was only a matter of waiting a few days to FINALLY get the piercings I had wanted for years.

When Wednesday finally arrived I went to school like normal, but right after school I left with Hope to head to Phil's house, about 15 minutes away. When we got there Phil told us that he would rather his friend Ben do the piercing because he had done a lot more nipple piercings, I said ok and we left to go to Ben's house.

Now Ben wasn't just some guy with a piercing needle who had pierced a few nipples, Ben was a scratcher, so upon arrive to his house, he lead the three of us, Hope, Phil, and me up to a spare room in his house where he had all of his piercing and tattooing supplies.

I remember the room was warm at first, and as soon as I entered I began to sweat, not much, but I was sweating. We sat around and talked for a few minutes while Ben got everything ready, he opened 2 14g needles and laid them on a platter, each in its own little puddle of lube, got the clamps ready, and found a marker to mark the points of entry and exit on my nipples. He told me to take off my shirt and I did, which is right about the time the room turned freezing cold and I started to shiver slightly. We all joked and laughed about the fact that I was vibrating and that it was going to make things a little more interesting, all the while I was trying to steady myself. After a few more minutes I wasn't shaking anymore so Ben marked the points on each of my nipples.

Ben then put his gloves and picked up a set of clamps, after positioning them correctly on my left nipple, he asked me to hold them , which I did, and he picked up the first needle and focused on my nipple. He told me to inhale, then exhale, and as I exhaled he pierced my nipple. Now for all the complaining Phil had done about how badly his nipple piercings hurt, and how badly I had imagined this piercing to be compared to getting my ears pierced, it was nothing, no horrible pain, it hurt, but not as much as I thought it would. The main portion of the pain was the needle driving through my nipple, but even after that there was still a mild pain, Ben took the first ring and told me to get ready, I was going to feel the jewelery going in, and I definitely did, I felt every thread go into my nipple and out the other side, not painful, but interesting, as so as the ring was in Ben took the clamp off my nipple and all pain disappeared, he screwed the other end of the ring on and we got ready to pierce my other nipple.

After already having one nipple pierced I knew what to expect so the second piercing was a lot less eventful, same feeling, different side. After both of my nipples were pierced Ben gave me some band-aids to hold the rings in place and so they wouldn't get caught on my shirt. We cleaned everything up and Phil took me home where I went straight to my room and fell asleep.

The piercings healed nicely but I eventually took them out because of damage done to my right nipple due to bad hand placement by a friend, as soon as I took the ring out of my right nipple the holes closed, but the left nipple was different. After about a year the hole in my left nipple was still open but smaller, so I out a 16g ring in it, and about a week later it had relaxed enough for me to slide a 14g CBR in easier than ever before, and I still wear a ring in my left nipple today.

I'm extremely happy I actually got this piercing and although I had to remove one of them I plan to have it replaced eventually. I know that getting my nipples pierced in a non-professional environment was risky which is why when people ask me if I know someone who will pierce their nipples for them I tell them its not something to mess around with and that they should just get it done professionally. Hypocritical, yes, but still a good idea.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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