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My first body mod

This is the story of my first, and likely only, piercing. My wife has commented for years that she thought I'd look "cute" with a nipple ring, to which I always replied "no way." I should explain that while my wife is one with the needle, having 11 piercings of her own (five in left ear, four in the right, and both nipples), I have quite an aversion to needles.

Well, on Thursday of this week, my wife and I discussed body piercing through various e-mails back and forth during the day. Of course, she brought up me having a nipple ring again, in a joking manner as she knew I'd never do it...it was just something we could joke about. But this time, I didn't have quite the same reaction, and by the end of the day, I told her I'd do it for her. I'm still not quite sure what changed, but I found myself actually wanting to get poked.

The next evening, Friday, my wife suggested a place for dinner "because it was close to Big Buddha's," as she had decided to get a daith piercing of her own, but still not believing I'd go through with it. My 9-year old daughter had also decided that she wanted a second set of holes in her ears. So after dinner, my wife, both kids and I drove over to the tattoo/piercing shop.

Once we arrived, we asked to talk to the piercer on duty, who happened to be Courtney. We first explained that my daughter wanted her ears done, and she politely explained to us that she did not pierce children's ears, as they can get scared of the equipment, and she has had some bad experiences in the past. As she had a reasonable argument, and seemed to care about my daughter's well-being rather than her own income, we respected her position and agreed to wait. My wife then told her what she wanted done, and after a little bit of paperwork and explanation of the procedures/aftercare, not to mention a small bit of cold-feet, my wife had an absolutely gorgeous new piercing.

Now, it was my turn...time to put up or shut up. I was a little nervous, but decided that my wife was more than worth it. So, a little paperwork for me, and then Courtney thoroughly cleaned the room, went to wash her hands, and set to work. She first unpacked all of the tools to be used for the piercing from their sterile packaging, explaining each item and their use. I removed my shirt, and she used some (very cold) anti-bacterial cleaning solution all around the area. She proceeded to mark the area for our approval, and then had me sit down on the piercing table.

Courtney then explained, in great detail, not only the step-by-step process of the actual piercing, but all of the aftercare instructions. She answered all of our questions, speaking not only with my wife and I, but answering the questions my children had. I really wanted my kids to be welcome there, so they could see that there was nothing to be scared about, and Courtney happily obliged.

Once the procedure was thoroughly explained, and all our questions answered, she had me lie down on the piercing table, and helped me get comfortable. My wife held my hand, and my daughter looked on as Courtney place the forceps on my left nipple. My wife joked that the forceps clamping down was the worst part, and she was right...at least until Courtney pushed the needle through. Now, she warned me before she did it, had me regulate my breathing...all that stuff, but DAMN!!! It hurt like hell initially, then felt just plain weird feeling the needle sliding through my nipple. I thought I would break my wife's hand, I was squeezing so hard, but after 10-15 seconds, the ring was in, and Courtney was putting in the captive bead. The pain subsided pretty quickly, and was replaced with a dull throb and a slight burning sensation. I sat up after she was done, got a little lightheaded and laid back down for a minute or so. Courtney was very supportive, told me to take all the time I needed, and offered to get me a drink if I needed it.

After a couple of minutes sitting down, the endorphin rush had passed, and my light-headedness went away. The worst part now was my shirt rubbing on the nipple. Well, that and the fact that I like to sleep on my stomach. Now, here it is 24-hours later, and I still have not seen any blood around the piercing. I have already gone through one cleaning and there has been little discharge, and almost no pain...just the occasional throb.

At this time, I don't regret getting pierced one bit and my wife is giddy. It feels a little odd walking around with a little hunk of metal sticking out of my body, but pretty cool nonetheless. Like I said before, I'll probably never get another piercing, but I plan on enjoying this one. And if you are ever in Lubbock, TX and have the urge to get poked, I highly recommend Courtney...she was great.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Courtney
Studio: Big+Buddha+Tattoo
Location: Lubbock%2C+TX

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