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Love thy Piercer

I had my left nipple pierced by one of my best friends in high school using a hallowed 14g needle bought at the local Ag Co-op. I had it for two weeks before I had to have x-rays and I took it out because I was under the impression that the stainless steel would be seen in the x-ray. Ever since, I've been looking forward to getting not just one, but both nipples pierced. I've been researching and looking for reputable piercers in the area for quite some time. I was always hoping to go to Body Rites in Columbia, SC but I have since moved over five hours away and hardly get a chance to be in that particular area of the state despite traveling throughout the state on a pretty regular basis.

My boyfriend, who lives in Charleston SC, had a training class to complete in Raleigh NC that would last about a week. I live about an hour and a bit of change from Raleigh and you pass by my town traveling down I-64 from Charleston, so we both figured it'd be a nice little vacation for me and some quality time together.

On the way to our hotel that was located in downtown on Hillsborough St directly across the street from NC State University I spotted Progress Piercing alongside a place called Phoenix Tattoo. It looked like a tiny quaint shop so I made a mental note that read, "Check it out". Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday we had to pass by Progress going into historical downtown and the main boulevards to eat dinner and see some of the attractions and passing by it enough made my want to visit all the more. Wednesday morning I decided to check it out online. I viewed their Myspace and read their reviews on a few local review sites and decided that I had to get my nipples pierced at this place. It was like I hit the jackpot finding a clean, professional, reputable place where it's main piercer, Seth, acquired his training through Fakir Intensives and had so much professional backing it's was just breathtaking.

I called and got pricing on getting both nipples pierced and asked if I should just walk in or if I should set an appointment. We decided on 3pm. I hung up the phone and checked this time and it was only a little after noon. I immediately got extremely nervous and began pacing around the room asking myself what the hell I was doing. My boyfriend was in his training class and would be until around 5pm so I took a walk downtown towards the University and drove around a good bit. I made sure to get a tiny bite to eat and hydrate myself. Around 2:45pm I decided to call a good friend and make the small trek down to the shop. I walk in and I'm immediately calmed the by environment inside the shop. A few futons against the wall with coffee tables covered in portfolios and books. Two glass counters in either corner holding multitudes of jewelry and beautiful depictions of different types of body modifications covering the walls. I go to the counter where I'm greeted by Seth and he has me sign a consent and release form, copies my ID, and hands me an aftercare brochure labeled with my jewelry information and piercing type. He asks me to have a seat in the lobby while he prepares his tools and the room.

An eternity later he calls me back and talks to me for a few more minutes while he sets everything up his table, then he asks me to remove my shirts. He cleans and marks my nipples, measures to fit the jewelry to my nipples where we agree on barbells. He goes to get them, makes sure the lining it correct and asks me to lay down on the table. He puts on some very relaxing music and talks to me about breathing techniques and how he's going to help me breathe while the procedure is being done. He clamps my left nipple, has me take a few deep breaths, asks me to take a very deep breathe and fill my lungs completely, asks me to exhale and as I'm exhaling he slides the needle through and it was done. Completely painless. He moves around the table, we go through the breathing techniques again and he pierces again. Almost completely painless, but I still say getting my ears pierced with a gun hurt worse. He exclaims, "Now for the best part!" and places cold cloths over my nipples for a few seconds. I lay there for a few moments before getting up, chit chatting about salt soaks and bra support. After getting up I look in the mirror and let him know that they're perfect and then put my shirts back on.

Back in the lobby I pay and he asks for me to come back in about a month just for a checkup so he can look at the piercings and make sure they're healing like they should and address any problems that may arise. I let him know that I live a little over an hour away and he gives me a business card and tells me to contact him if I have any problems at all.

I'd been home around a week when I started to notice that the barbells didn't seem quite long enough. That the skin seemed to be surrounding the balls and in essence trying to heal around them. I shoot him an email with my concerns about migration since I know that migration in large breasted women is very common. I also sent him pictures of the problem and he has been very very helpful to accommodate me and my issues. He is mailing me two longer barbells as well as a taper that I'll return when I visit at the end of the month since I can't get up there sooner.

I love my nipple piercings. They're my little hidden secret that make me feel a million times better about myself. I have fallen in love with them and they're probably my most favorite piercing of all that I have. Progress and Seth have also stolen my heart and I will defiantly be returning to Raleigh for all of my other body modification needs. It was a great experience. So, anyone wanting the nipple piercings, get them as long as you're going to a professional, experienced piercer who will take care of you. And if you're ever in the Raleigh area, stop by Progress and let Seth be the one to stab you!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Seth+Cameron
Studio: Progress+Piercing
Location: Raleigh%2C+North+Carolina

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