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Ins and outs with nipple piercings

The idea of having my nipples pierced was one that I entertained briefly and dismissed just as briefly. It wasn't until my partner mentioned it offhandedly that I thought of it again, this time more seriously. It had been a good six years since I'd done any modifications, so the bug was dormant but certainly not dead. I spent a few days researching as much as Google and BME had to offer, and decided it was something I'd like to do.

I shot a call over to the local studio, which I knew to be professional and reputable (as well as members of the APP). They asked if I wanted to have the piercings performed in tandem by two piercers at once. I'm on pretty comfortable terms with body mods, so I deemed this unnecessary and scheduled the appointment for later that day.

After work I showered and headed over to the studio. Being on the main drag at the edge of the university campus, the place was packed with excited (and / or nervous) college students. I paid, tipped, and scrunched myself into a corner to fill out my paperwork and read the aftercare pamphlet. At the appropriated time, the head piercer Kevin showed me down the hall to his piercing room. (Each piercer and tattooist at Splash has their own private room, all of them cleaner than my orthopedic surgeon's exam rooms.) While he finished preparing, I removed my bra and bunched my shirt up around my neck.

So-- I should elaborate that my left nipple used to be inverted. A few years back my partner told me of a breastfeeding video that detailed some pinching and stretching exercises that could help coax it to normalcy. I did these religiously for a few months and it helped. I had stopped for years but by the piercing, my nipple only hid away about half the time.

And it was hiding in earnest when Kevin examined it (terrified at the prospect of the needles lying in preparation on the tray nearby, I suppose). He asked if I was getting it pierced to correct the inversion. I wasn't (that was a bonus), but I had read that piercing is a centuries-old remedy for inverted nips. I had been pleased to discover this.

Anyway, he pinched both nipples a bit until they were erect, then marked them with dye and had me take a look. I have both a high pain tolerance and a bit of a tendency to play tough-and-stoic (until I get to know the piercer well, at least)... but I was stiff as a board by the time he had me recline on the padded table.

He told me he was going to do the left first because inverted piercings tended to be more "uncomfortable" (tactful choice of words). He positioned the needle and the forceps and told me to take a deep breath in and blow out fast. I stared up at the lights and did as he instructed.

He pierced on the breath out and it hurt. A lot. Not more than I expected, but certainly not less; I was counting on it to be fairly painful as I have sensitive nipples to begin with. The jewelry insertion was uncomfortable but not too bad (12g straight barbells) and after a wipe and some cool water, it was time for another deep breath.

My right nipple was not nearly as painful, even with the extra push it took to get the needle through. I hadn't expected the inversion to cause that much more pain, comparatively. So once the jewelry was in, he asked again how I was. I exclaimed "GREAT!!" far too enthusiastically, and he told me to sit up whenever I felt ready and have a peek in the mirror. I did so immediately and was extremely pleased. I have small, perky breasts and the piercings looked fantastic on them.

After I'd enunciated my approval, Kevin gently taped some gauze over my nipples and explained the aftercare. I left the studio with some Provon, sea salt, and two gorgeous new piercings.

Ah, now the aftermath.

It was my friend's birthday, so I went to the pool hall and got sufficiently intoxicated. I didn't take any painkillers for the intense soreness, but the alcohol did both things meds would have: it numbed the pain and also exacerbated bleeding (mm, blood-thinners). This was unwise (and I do not recommend it, naturally), but aside from a pretty substantial amount of blood, there were no further complications. Both breasts were sore as all hell for a day, the left moreso than the right. After that night, predictable tenderness followed by clean healing. They even weathered an MRI with no problems (metal jewelry removed, replaced with a different size tygon, jewelry later unwisely reinserted without tapering). This was just a few weeks after piercing, and they've been healing beautifully ever since.

All the expected slow healing and higher risk of rejection and complication with the inverted nipple: none. Nada. In fact, it's healing faster than the right nipple. On the whole, these piercings were a very positive experience and well worth it. They are beautiful and relatively quick to heal. If considering one, just make sure to do your research on sizing, position of the piercing, rejection, and possible complications. Find an experienced piercer whom you trust and you'll have great piercings to admire and enjoy!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Kevin+Tarbell
Studio: Splash+of+Color
Location: East+Lansing%2C+MI

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