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Asymmetric Tits

I'm dead chuffed about getting my nipples pierced today, after 'umming and ahhing' about it for quite a while, so I thought I'd share my story.

The backgroundy bit:

Aged 18, I got my second 'real' piercing, a pink titanium BCR horizontally through my right nipple. It was so pretty and I was really pleased. However, the healing process, though fairly uneventful, did not go so well... Five months later, I thought all was well and it was just taking quite a long time to heal, then I noticed that the ring seemed to be further forward on the right side of my nipple than on the left side... I hoped it would be ok and made sure to wear non-padded bras again, as I had during the first couple of weeks.

But I could not keep away from the padded bras for long enough. I've always been very self-conscious about my small breasts (then 34AA) which I felt were not in proportion with my figure, so boosted them with push-up bras with an inch or two of padding. Evidently, the 'push-up' was also pushing my piercing! So six months after getting pierced, I had the ring removed as it was rejecting –a couple of weeks longer and I could have had a split nipple!

Discussing the piercing with my piercers, I decided to wait a year or so while the nipple healed and the scar tissue settled. I decided that next time I wasn't going to insist on a ring and go for the easier-to-heal bar instead. And that I'd make sure I could cope with wearing non-padded bras!

The recent stuff:

In the six years following the removal of my nipple piercing, I coveted, researched, got and successfully healed nineteen other piercings. I also got my first tattoo, the beginnings of a back piece.

So getting my nipple re-pierced dropped lower on my mental list of future mods. I had decided also to get both nipples done the next time round. I love asymmetry, so decided on just the one the first time; the second time I decided they were going to be pierced at different angles. I'd gone off the look of horizontal bars in nipples so decided that one would be vertical, the other diagonal. This decision was also partly based on the fact that my breasts are, like most women, not perfectly equal-sized –and I though that getting symmetrical piercings would just emphasize this.

I also continued to 'umm and ahh' about getting my nipples done again because I was aiming to lose weight. Two or three stone in fact, to get back to my long-gone size 8 (UK) figure and be happier with my looks. I kept trying to tell myself that getting pierced could be the motivation I needed to lose the weight, but it was not to be. I finally decided 'Well, I want them done so I'll just go and do it anyway'. As my piercer Mark commented today 'Your weight will fluctuate over your lifetime but your nipples will still be there'.

The experience:

Whilst having coffee with my friend K, I said I fancied getting pierced, did she want to come with me? She did and decided to get her nipple pierced too (she already had one done). So we headed to our favourite studio Metal Guru, which is easily the most well-known and reputable studio in our area and is the only place I'd ever get pierced.

Metal Guru has been around ten years and is run by Tanya and Mark, both of whom have been piercing at least 14 years (I'm unsure exactly how long). The atmosphere there is really friendly and welcoming; I get on well with Tanya, Mark and Sarah who also works there. They always make us feel welcome and don't mind if people stay and loiter and chat and stuff.

K and I filled in our forms, noting that we'd eaten well (yes) and slept well (maybe not), weren't on blood-thinning medication, weren't on drugs, weren't ill... you know the drill. We commented that we had three nipples to pierce between the two of us and that we were going to get our tits out in public –kind of- which was a bit odd. As we'd both got nipple piercings before, it wasn't too weird, but it still involves taking your bra off in an unusual context.

We went into the back room together, deciding I would go first since I was getting two done. K held my bra and shirt and I took my vest straps down. I stood up and Mark cleaned and marked up my nipples. I climbed onto the bench and lay back, feeling like I was a bit low down to see properly –I love watching my piercings being done- so Mark gave me a small hand-held mirror I could use to watch without sitting up. He decided to do the right one first as all his equipment was to my right. I had to comment on his new black latex gloves –they looked less doctorly and more piercer-ish than the ordinary cream coloured gloves they've used in the past. Mark attached clamps over the dots on my right nipple, a dot at the top and one underneath, making sure they lined up right. He pointed out that I had almost no remaining signs of my previous piercing (just small pale scars that people only notice if I point them out); no dense scar tissue.

"OK, deep breath in... and out"

First one through! Yay! My right leg twitched a bit. Mark commented that piercing can make your toes curl.

And I could look at the needle through my nipple and watch while Mark threaded the jewellery through, which was fun. It's a downside of facial piercings for me that I can't watch the properly.

The same procedure was followed for the left nipple, with its dot markings forming a horizontal line from the top left of my nipple to the bottom right.

"Deep breath in... and out"

Second one through! Yay again! Leg twitched again. I got another look at nipple-skewered-by-needle and watched the jewellery being threaded through. And they were both done: I could admire them with the little mirror, I couldn't stop grinning! They looked so beautiful. We all agreed that asymmetric nipples were cool. Mark then covered them with little patch bandages that looked like funny rectangular pasties for some medical-themed burlesque dancer, which made us laugh.

Next it was K's turn to get pierced and my turn to hold her bra and top. When she was done, with grins on our faces we thanked Mark and went to pay.

I left Metal Guru today with a huge smile and feeling better about my not-quite-satisfactory breasts. At a 38B I now feel a more respectable size, though still out of proportion with the rest of my body... as for my views on implant surgery, I'm still considering it... but I left Metal Guru today with better tits than I had this morning and I'm so glad I got my latest piercings!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Mark+Boyle
Studio: Metal+Guru
Location: Stockton-on-Tees%2C+Teesside%2C+North+East+England%2C+UK

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