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second ever piercing? nipple?

It started about a year ago when two of my mates and me decided we would get pierced together. I don't know why but we didn't even have to think about a piercing, it just came to us straight away...the nipple must be pierced. No other thought was put into it and that was decided then and there.

Well one of my mates and me play rugby for the school and decided we'd have to wait for the season to finish before we went and got it done. I didn't fancy the thought of it getting caught amongst the tackling and rucking etc. So we waited, but my other friend couldn't. He went and got his done one day after school. I went in to town with him, walked him to the piercers etc. This wasn't his first piercing, he'd had his helix and tragus done before and said neither of them hurt very much but when he came out of the studio he wasn't feeling to good. He's normally very good with pain but this he said was really sore. This didn't really fill me full of confidence.

Season came to an end and I don't know why but I never got round to getting it done. The fact that my friend found it so sore did not help at all. My other mate and me, soon enough found ourselves back at rugby and unable to get it done. There's another good while I'll have to wait. But my other rugby playing friend wasn't waiting and got his done at the start of the season. I thought he was mad, I didn't fancy going through all that pain to have it take ages to heal and probably not heal well in the end.

So I waited it out again. Half way through I was on the receiving end of a lovely season ending knee injury. A few weeks later, not really thinking about piercings at the time I had a huge urge to finally get my nipple done. The next day I was on the bus heading in to get my nipple pierced.

My only previous piercing was a gun done lobe piercing and really wasn't sure what to expect from this at all, I kind've thought would be sore cause it's your nipple right. So my girlfriend meets up with me to get it done, a little moral support, and we head off to the piercers. I was in a place called Otherside, same place as my first mate had got his done in, and had a high reputation.

I went in pretty nervous and asked about getting my nipple pierced. I filled in the forms, paid the £25 and was told to come back at 4.40pm as the piercer was very busy. I had an hour to kill so my girlfriend and I just wondered about shopping, trying to take my mind of the needle that would soon be piercing the nip.

Time was up. I got to the studio to find a rather large queue still. Turned out that a girl before had begun to feel feint after her piercing and they wouldn't let her leave until she felt better. So we were standing there behind two traguii, a navel and a tongue. Boy did it seem like ages until it was my turn. The girl getting her tongue done pulled out just before so I was in one sooner than expected which didn't bother me, I just wanted it done and over with.

The piercer called me in, told me all the formalities, and had some good banter with me. He marked me standing up, told me to have a wee look in the mirror and see if that would be find and explained that the piercing wont' sit that like most of the time as when the nipples stimulated...I'm sure you all know anyway.

He asked me to lie on the table, arm down by my side, other arm holding my t-shirt up. "Control your breathing, in through the nose, out through the mouth...are you ready?" I answered yes and in it went. It was nothing like I expected. The pain was no where near as unbearable as I thought it would have been. The putting in of the jewellery was sore but once that was done I was fine.

I thanked him and walked out of the shop. We went to meet my mother who was giving us a lift back to mine. As I was walking the pain kicked it. It was very painful, but it more stung rather than anything. I had to sit down for a bit as I was finding it a bit hard to stand up straight. An hour or two later though and I couldn't tell that it was there.

Now a week later it's feeling good. No pain at all unless you accidently knock it. Its incredibly hot as well, incredibly pleased with it. It looks good and feels good. Can't wait for it to heal up fully so I can check out this increased sensitivity stuff I've been hearing about. I would like to say if you're thinking of a nipple piercing then go for it. It looks so good and I'm in love with it all ready.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sam
Studio: Otherside
Location: Belfast%2C+Northern+Ireland

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