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Piercing Inverted Nipples

hiya all,

I wanted to write to tell any of those of you thinking about getting your nipples pierced how my experience went! I've had inverted nipples as long as I can remember, the right one was more severe than the left but they both tended to stay hidden away most of the time. To begin with I figured the only option to get them fixed would be surgery which costs in the region of £1,500, which of course I couldn't afford being a student and all. Then I read about how piercing can fix the problem. I read a few stories here on BME and checked out a few photos so I could have an idea of what to expect with the end result. Then I finally got the courage to go ahead and have it done. I went to a local piercing studio in Sheffield called Inkredible, I didn't get the name of the guy that pierced me but he was really friendly and seemed to know what he was doing.

I explained that I had inverted nipples and the reason I was getting this done was to draw them out so they looked normal. He said it shouldn't be a problem, gave me a price of £40 for the two and got to work. I was told to lie in a dentist-style chair while he showed me the pre-packed needles he would use and the titanium barbells that he would put in, again these were pre-packed. He also wrote down the details of the gauge and length etc in case i wanted to get new ones at a later date, which I found really helpful. He clamped my left nipple and pulled it to the "out" position which was a bit uncomfortable since it wasn't used to being drawn out. he then marked two purple dots either side of my nipple where the barbell would enter and exit (I was having a horizontal piercing), I checked it in the mirror and was happy with the position. I was told to take a deep breath as the needle went through. I know a lot of people say it hurts like hell, but to be honest I didn't feel anything, just a slight twinge, nothing so agonising it made me want to scream or cry etc. When the needle was through there was a small amount of blood which he wiped away and then proceeded to place the piercing in. I was sprayed with antisceptic spray then asked to look at it in the mirror again. I was absolutely thrilled, my nipple looked completely normal! something I thought I'd be paying over £1,000 to see. The right nipple was a little trickier to clamp as it was more severely inverted than the left one, but we got there in the end and half an hour after entering the shop, I was leaving with a pair of nipple piercings covered in dressings so they wouldn't bleed through my bra/tshirt (which would've been slightly embarassing as I had a lecture later that day!). I remember the piercings being tender for the next few days as they settled into place and also as my nipples got used to their new "out" position. I made up a saltwater mix twice a day for 4 months when I was happy that they seemed healed.

After the 4 month care period, I noticed my barbells were losing their shinyness, so I decided to go out and buy two identical 1.6 gauge, 16mm titanium barbells and change my piercings. When I got the barbells home i was scared that once i removed my piercing my nipple would revert to its old state making it difficult to put the new piercing in, so as i was sliding one barbell out, the other was following right behind it so it was like one continuous bar.

Now it's been six months since I had the piercing done, the only problem I had during this time was one of them catching and tearing the skin slightly. I had to repeat the cleaning process on my left nipple which i noticed was starting to bleed a little and had a small amount of pus coming from the piercing hole. I made up the salt mixes as before but this time I used surgical spirit once a day on the hole to kill any infection. I know there's been a lot of stuff on the internet about surgical spirit being too strong to use on piercings, but I remember the first time I got my ears pierced, I was told to use surgical spirit and I've never had any problem with infection. It's really up to you when it comes to using surgical spirit, it cleared up the small wound on my piercing and seems to have done a good job combatting any potential infection, I've really had no problems with it at all and would personally recommend using it if you're having trouble with the healing period.

Also, I have changed my piercings since and have taken the barbells out and, to my relief, my nipple now stays out in its new position, it no longer reverts to its old inverted position. I would highly reccommend this piercing to anyone who has inverted nipples, even if the idea of having a metal bar sitting in your nipple for the rest of your life doesn't appeal to you, you can take it out after a few months and your nipple should stay out in its new position like mine did. Either way, I'm really happy with my new look and it sure beats the £1,500 surgery!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Inkredible
Location: Sheffield%2C+UK

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