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my new nipples

I had been joking around about getting them done for a few months. After I had my tongue done and it fully healed, I didn't know what else I would do. I had that craving once again. A few people mentioned my nipples but I just laughed it off. I researched it on BME and read every experience story that I could. Most of them just mentioned that if you want it done its so worth it. I read the aftercare from various websites as well. I finally thought maybe for Valentines Day I would get them as a gift for my boyfriend. I had asked him if he would still love my breasts with a barbell through my nipples. He said he would still love them either way. So I decided I would do it. I asked a few friends if they would go with me. One of them said sure, but she ended up bailing on me, which was a huge let down. After the let down I had to think about it even more. Valentines Day came, and they were still ordinary nipples. I told my boyfriend that I would be getting them pierced that Saturday, he didn't believe me. I told a few people at work and they all didn't believe me either. At that point I think I wanted to do it more because no one thought I would do it. I asked one more friend, and she said yes. She tried to talk me into going somewhere else, but I have my ears, industrial, and naval done from the same guy (I had my tongue done at another place, but I did go back to him) at the same shop. I wouldn't budge. I just didn't want to go anywhere else since I trusted him and only him. I also have two tattoos from there. The next day after we both got off from work we drove over to Chili's and I had a few drinks before hand. I think this helped me a lot more. I also took one pain killer just incase. After I ate something she drove me to Artistic Armor. As soon as I saw Pat I knew I was in good hands. I told him I wanted my nipples pierced; he had me fill out some paperwork as he set up. I was really nervous at this time, but I wouldn't back out.

He called me back and I stood there and asked him a few questions like the question I get asked the most "Will this hurt?", "Will you use clamps?", "What if I pass out?", "How quick will it be done with?", "Can you numb it with anything?". He said that it will hurt for a few seconds, if I had my tongue done than I can do this. That he would have to use clamps, and they wouldn't really hurt just like if someone was pinching them. If I passed out he has smelling salts so I would wake up. He joked around saying it would take time to pierce them, that he would have to do it really slow. This made me laugh and asked him if he was serious. Which he wasn't serious about it. He also couldn't numb them because he didn't have anything. After all the questions I removed my shirt and bra even before he asked. It did feel weird taking my shirt off for someone other than my boyfriend. But he was very professional about it. I'm not a small size either, I'm a 36D. He cleaned the area and told me to stand straight up and look forward. He marked them in three spots I believe the two on the sides of each nipple and one line going up and down. He let me look at them and I Ok'd them. Than came the point of no return. He had me lay down on the table. before we even started I asked him if it was ok if my friend who came with me taped it, he was totally cool with that, which I was happy because know I could watch afterward of how my face looked, and what he did that I couldn't see. My friend held my hand and taped it. He started on my right nipple. He asked if I'm ready, I believe I said no. He asked me again, and I said no again, than my friend said yes just do it. He put on the clamp and counted to three. At three I took a deep breath in and before I could even let it out it was in. It was more of a burning than anything. My friend asked if I was ok, and I just looked down at the needle sticking through my one needle. I thought to myself if I wanted the other one done before. I had told my friend before hand to make sure I get it done, because I did not just want one. He than took the barbell and attached it to the other end of the hollow needle and pulled it through. Now this is where I screamed. That hurt the most. Even more than the initial poke of the needle. He put it on and mentioned he nicked me with the needle. I didn't feel that at all, I think I flinched or something. I didn't really care. I looked at the finished nipple and he asked if I'm ready for the other. I just nodded my head. My friend and he switched sides. He than once again put the clamp back on the right nipple, same feelings and everything. He put the needle in, and the burning sensation once again kicked in. My left nipple hurt a little more because it's my more sensitive nipple. Once again when he attached the barbell I let out a small scream. He than said that he was done. Jokingly said are you sure it's all done? He said he could take them out and do it all again if I wanted him too, I said oh no I'm all done. I got u I went out that day and bought a three pack of sports bras. I also bought some of that h20 ocean potion stuff. I live off of the H20 Ocean with piercings. I cleaned them with the goo at least twice a day, and sprayed them three to four times a day. I had to sleep with the sports bra for at least four or five days. I also wore them to work because a regular bra just rubbed on the piercings. The first week it hurt, after that I used a regular bra. I got them done on 2/16. I still clean them at least twice a day with the goo, and spray. I've had a few crusties, and a little bit of bleeding the first few days. The only problem I've found is finding the jewelry. I want colored barbells. I went to a place in the mall and they tried to sell me one for an industrial, one for a tongue, and another barbell that I knew wouldn't work. My piercer didn't have colored ones.

Would I recommend it, yes I would. Would I do it again? Yes I would. Do I love them? Yes I do. They are so much more sensitive. Someone asked at work if I regret doing it, I quickly turned around and told them that I do not. The small amount of pain was totally worth it. I hope anyone who is thinking about getting it done follows their heart and does it. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. It's your body. Like I told someone, this is my body that I will live with for the rest of my life. I'm just trying to perfect it the way I want it to be. It's my canvas and when I'm done, it will be a work of art. I also have a picture up on BME. Email me if you have any questions. littleblacktutu@yahoo.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Pat+M.
Studio: Artistic+Armor+on+N.+30th
Location: Tampa%2C+Florida

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