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ooooh, how TITillating!

Today was the day! I finally turned 18, and my mom is right - "the flood gates have opened" as far as piercings go.

I've been interested in body mods for quite some time, and drive my friends mad with all my rambling on and on (and on and on) about piercings and tattoos and the like. My mom's not too fond of it all, but she's open to it and knows it's ultimately my choice, so if I really wanted a piercing, she'd let me (so far I have my 2 lobes, industrial, nostril, daith, tragus, 3 helix, and my tongue web which I did myself). I even turned my boyfriend on to piercings. When I got my last one done, he came with and got his lobes pierced at 12ga, and he even plans to stretch them eventually. Now he knows what I'm talking about when I say it's addictive.

But now, being 18! Oh the possibilities! I've been wanting to get my nipples pierced for a while - maybe about 8 months - and I thought there was no better time than my 18th birthday. I've always been a bit self-conscious about my body, especially my chest, and I thought a little decoration might help me like my body more. I have tiny (TINY) breasts, and this is a way of accepting them. Plus, I wouldn't mind a little extra sensitivity!

I thought about it all day, and was extremely anxious to get out of school and down to Pierced Hearts. My boyfriend came as well. I've been very loyal to Pierced Hearts - a few months ago, Chuck and Terrie (or is it Terry?) had to leave Lucky Devil, where I got my industrial, nostril, and first helix piercings, and find a place of their own. I was ecstatic when they opened Pierced Hearts in October. They make you feel SO comfortable. Chuck is the sweetest woman in the world! And very professional. I would recommend her to anyone. She's very chipper and friendly...like a pierced, tattooed nurse, almost. I hardly know her on a personal level, but I certainly trust her, so stripping down didn't bother me much.

When we first went in, I was glad to find that the shop was empty, so we didn't have to wait. She saw that it was my birthday on my ID and wished me a Happy Birthday, I went ahead and signed the form and picked out some barbells. As we waited for her to handle the paperwork, we admired all the jewelry...One of these days I have to stretch my lobes, because all those plugs and spirals are calling my name, I swear. Anyway, we headed to the back and my heart rate definitely went up. She got all the supplies, and shut the door for privacy.

And so the process began... she cleaned my nipples, and had me stand up so she could mark them evenly. Usually she asks if I like the placement, but I trust her to do it right. Then I lied down and tried to pretend I wasn't nervous. I warned her I might be shouting profanities, and she smiled and said that was fine. I was relieved to find that the clamps didn't hurt in the slightest (I had heard that for some, even the clamps are painful), and she told me to take a biiiig breath in and out - you know the drill. Of course there was some discomfort as the needle went though, but it wasn't half as painful as I thought it would be! I just squinted my eyes a little and it was over. In fact, I thought my tragus was much worse. She said "curse it all out, honey!" but I was just so happy (and I was starting to feel the endorphins). Even when she pierced the second nipple - no screaming, no cursing (although it was noticeably more painful). For the second one, I curled my toes a little bit, and squeezed my boyfriend's hand a little bit, but overall I was pleasantly surprised at the level of pain. And DAMN i could really feel the rush. I was giddy and high for the next hour. She offered me some candy, and some gauze for my bra. They're both bleeding a tiiiny bit. She said that often they don't bleed when pierced, but that within the next three or four days I could expect bleeding or slight bruising. She warned that they're likely to "play favorites" which I expected. She didn't go over aftercare since I'm a regular, and it's all on the pamphlet that she gave me with some sea salt.

As we walked around afterwards, I really enjoyed the sensation. It was strange to be so aware of my nipples. It was an odd pressure - almost like they were painfully cold or something. But certainly bearable. I also have a very padded bra, so when my boyfriend accidentally elbowed me right in the nipple, it hardly hurt at all. Some people expect bras to be uncomfortable with their nipples pierced, but it makes a huge difference. The padding is great protection. I'm also glad I don't have huge breasts, since I imagine any bouncing would be a bit painful.

I'm so glad I did it! And I can't wait to show them off! All my friends know about it, so I'll be telling this story a lot at school tomorrow. It's the best birthday present I've ever given myself! If you're hesitant about getting your nipples pierced, I won't say "go for it, it won't hurt!" because, of course, everyone is different. My nipples have never been that sensitive (part of the motivation for getting them is to increase sensitivity). But they look gorgeous!

Happy modifying!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Chuck
Studio: Pierced+Hearts
Location: Seattle

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