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My random nipple stabbing experience

So one day I'm sitting in my room, wondering what I should get pierced next. Don't get me wrong folks, I don't walk in thinking, "Well... I don't know... Should I get a tattoo? Or a piercing? Which one? Tongue looks hot... I think I'll get that! Like totally!"

No... I just generally love most piercings, and find myself being drawn to and wanting to have most of them. However, I don't want to have wholes all over me,  all at the same time, pissing off my entire family, so I have to eliminate my options every once in a while. What's funny is that I never have enough guts to do what I'm really curious to try out, but maybe that is a good thing for me.

So I was looking at my ears... No, already had one cartilage piercing and it didn't like me too much. My lobes have been stretching for over a year now, and I'm not looking to get some more metal through them. How about navel again? No... It would probably get caught on things I wear if it was on the bottom. Eyebrow? No... don't want to have it pushing itself out. HEY! How about nipples!! Now everyone, this'll be a disturbing piece of information as you live in the tattoo world, but before you read it, chill out. So I don't like having my nipples touched very much. I simply do not. So I thought, hey, I can do this, and they'll look fabulous and I'll just not let anyone touch them. Great. Sweet. This will also test my "dedication" as you could say, to piercings. One whole year of healing? Jesus... well that's just insane. I still wonder why they take that long. Nipples? Really? One whole year on average for healing? That seems pretty ridiculous to me... but I guess if you really want it, you have to do it. Bite the bullet and say, "Alright then, lets do it!"

I went in to see Jon from Skinsignea Tattoo Shop in Eureka, CA (there's no longer a piercing business there) and he told me some nasty horror stories about his past experiences with nipple piercings. Great. He went on and on, describing all the ways that girls had come in, pierced their nipples, and went out & got in a topless clawing cat-fight in a local river with some other girls, getting her poor nipple piercings savagely ripped off of her chest. Jesus Christ. Shudder. This actually continued for over ten minutes, and I actually was so grossed out that I fainted right there, while standing when he was marking up my nipples. I was so embarrassed, and apologized profusely. How stupid was I? Super random, and I felt like a total whimp. He felt like an idiot as well, telling me he should not have been telling those nasty stories while I was sitting in the hole, waiting to be next. I just lied down and told him to do it already. He agreed, and got to it.

While J was sliding in the 14g straight barbells, I realized that they were going to get caught on everything. Bad luck for me; too bad I could not have known before I asked for those. Are nipple "rings" (hoops) generally a better idea? I have no clue.  I guess it comes down to what your body agrees with more.

Afterwards, I went home & continued the routine of soaking my nipples with shot glasses and sea salt solution all day. My nipples were crusty for months... way too long for my taste, and the residue left on the barbells would stab my nipple when it would move. This was ridiculously painful, and wouldn't stop happening. Every time I tried to pick off some of the crust, they would move too much and a chunk would go through the whole... Jesus it hurt! I tried to leave them alone, and soaking them in the Sea Salt solution seemed to work.

It has been a year now, and my nipples are beautiful, and actually feel better to the touch. I am glad I got these done, for they have changed my perspective on nipple-fondling. Well ever since I got them done a year ago, I have always wanted to put circular hoop things in them, but I have no idea whether it is a good idea or not. Should you try to put a circular piece of jewelry into a piercing that is used to a straight bar? Is there an exception with nipples? I think nipples can definitely be treated as an exceptional piercing, because the crust that I went through seemed pretty ridiculous for an ordinary piercing to me!

Maybe one of these days I will get the guts to attempt to put a circular piece through them... but who knows... So that'll be the next experiment... Wish me luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jon
Studio: Skinsignea+Tattoo
Location: Eureka%2C+CA

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