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First Nipple Piercing!

About a month after having my belly button pierced (which was my first REAL piercing aside from my ears) I decided that I had to get something else done. After looking at my options I decided that a nipple piercing was for me. I had seen them done before and had always thought that they were very sexy but, I never thought that I would be able to get it done. The first thing that I did when I decided that I wanted to get it done was tell my boyfriend. I was afraid that he would not like it because he typically goes for very clean cut girls. To my surprise he was extremely excited.

I called two local piercing places in Ann Arbor and decided upon Pangea because the other place uses the freehand method of piercing and I am not comfortable with that. Even though the clamp hurts a little more, there's some security in knowing that my piercing will be straight.

After deciding upon the place to get my nipple pierced, I then had to decide who I wanted to take with me and it turned out that my usually very stuffy friend Amanda thought it was cool and wanted to go. I did not make an appointment but instead chose to just walk in. It turned out that the piercer had no one waiting and I could get right in. After debating it for a few minutes I decided that It was now or never. I picked out my jewelry and we were off to the back room.

The piercer, JC, was extremely professional and made a ton of jokes so I felt really relaxed. When we went in the back room it resembled a doctors office more than anything else. As a matter of fact, it was cleaner than most doctors offices and I am almost positive that he changed his gloves atleast three times during the whole procedure. He began by taking all of the necessary tools out of the autoclave bags and removing the jewelry that I had choosen from the bags as well. When he was done with this I had to take my shirt off (I must admit, I was more nervous for this than the actual piercing). My skin was prepped with the cleaner so that everything was disinfected and ready to be pierced. At this time he also marked the spot that would be pierced.

I layed down on the table and JC began describing the procedure to me step by step so that I knew exactly what to expect when it was done. Now, this was it. I was ready to be pierced. He placed the clamp on my nipple and lined up the needle and then told me, "Now, give me one deep breath in when you are ready". I immediately began breathing very shallowly as to make sure that he would not mistake one of my small breaths for a large one. After sitting there for about 5 seconds I said, "I don't think that I can do this" and he replied with an "okay then, lets do three breaths and I'll do it on the third one". This was a huge help. Three breaths later the piercing was done and there was a needle through my nipple.

From this it was all smooth sailing. JC slid the needle out and the jewelry in flawlessly. My friend Amanda immediately said how cool my piercing looked and admitted that she was jealous though, she would never claim that she would think a nipple piercing was cool. Now it is one week later and I love my new piercing. I am for sure going to go back and get the other one done in about a month. As for the pain, I would say that it was more painful than my belly button piercing but it was not as bad as I thought it would be. There really is nothing like the feeling of getting your nipple pierced. Its a very intense pain followed by a very hot sensation that was cooled by saline. Do not let the pain deter you from getting it done, it is not that bad.

If you are thinking about getting it done, do it for sure. I have small breasts and had always thought that my chest was rather unremarkable. This was just the thing to make me feel totally sexy despite not having double D's.

I would very highly reccommend Pangea to anyone on the Ann Arbor/ Detroit area. JC is the only piercer I will ever go to again. His placement of the nipple piercing is really great and he is more than willing to help with any problems after the piercing. THese things in combination with the very sterile environment make him the guy to go to.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: JC
Studio: Pangea
Location: Ann+Arbor%2C+Michigan

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