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My first piercing experience or a nerd gets nipple rings

Well I had wanted to get something pierced for a while now. I would have gotten my ears pierced but given the fact that I will be in a white collar job in about a year, and the fact that my parents wouldn't approve led me to explore other possibilities. Something that I could hide, but what? Then I remembered that I always thought that nipple piercings looked really cool. So I stewed on that for a while. However, I kept making excuses not to do it, such as, "Maybe the idea of getting pierced is better then actually having it done?" or "Do you really want to spend money on something so vain?"

So recently, I had been in a funk. My life seemed rather dull and boring, especially considering I had never been in any sort of relationship, and was extremely frustrated because of it. So I said to myself, "All right, no more excuses, I'm going to do it after my classes on Wednesday." I went to Danny's Ancient Art here in Blacksburg because it was close to my place and have heard that they have a good reputation. So when I went in, the first thing that I noticed that the place was clean and sparkling. This made me feel good. The person at the cash register, who turned out to be my piercer, for an instant looked at me like, what are you doing here. I must qualify that statement by saying I am a nerd, and anyone who looks at me can tell that I am a nerd, and not the sort that people would think about getting a tattoo or a piercing .

The piercer was really professional, after taking my ID, she asked if I had any questions. I said not really because I had been researching this for a while. She led me back to a back room, and gathered here tools. After about 10 minutes, we picked out some jewelry, turned out to be 16 gauge silver hoops. She asked if I wanted one down or two, I said both. Then she said, "I am assuming you want them pierced horizontally," and I said "yep." She then marked both nipples with a black pen, and then showed me where she marked them with a little hand held mirror. I thought the placement was fine and then she proceeded to pierce my left nipple. She first took a clamp and pulled my nipple out a little bit, she then stuck the needle right through my nipple. I must admit it there was a bit of an intense pain for a few seconds while she pierced me and stuck the needle through, but I've been through much worse physical pain before. She then put the ring through, and ta da, I had one of my nipples pierced. She then put the captive bead ring in and tightened the ring. She then did pierced my right nipple using the same procedure. When she did the second piercing, I personally felt it hurt no worse then the first one did.

So there you have it, I that is how I got my nipples pierced. The response from my roommates and friends has been one of laughter, which was the response that I had been hoping for, that and the question why would you do that to yourself? I had been answering truthfully, saying because I wanted to. One person did ask why I got both nipples done, and to be honest with you, I love symmetry and the fact that I don't believe in stopping halfway on anything. That same person said that it is cooler for guys just to get one nipple done instead of two, but I think that is load of garbage. After all, I did this for myself, not on a dare from anyone else. My roommates have said that I should start eating better, work out, lose a bunch of weight, and wax so that I can impress the ladies when summer comes. They are right of course but it is so hard to eat right and work out when you are in college, especially when your time management skills are as poor as mine. I have thought about maybe getting prince albert, a reverse prince albert, my septum, or an apadravya. That could be my graduation present to myself. I have thought about getting a tattoo, but unfortunately I just do not have an artistic side of me and can not honestly think of anything that I would want inked onto my skin forever. I would like to post a picture of my nipples but right now I just don't have a camera/camera phone. I will also keep hoping that the time will come when it will be acceptable for males in white collared jobs to have their ears pierced but until that day comes, I won't be able to get any sort of visible piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: not+sure
Studio: Danny%27s+Ancient+Art
Location: Blacksburg.+VA

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