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Simple and easy nipple piercing

I'd been waiting for least two years to get my nipples pierced. I knew I wanted to get something done on my 18th birthday, the day I could finally have something done other then my ear lobes (and my short lived industrial). Although my dad agreed that I could get whatever I wanted once I turned 18, I still wanted to go with something discreet. I'd always thought nipple piercings were pretty and the pain factor didn't faze me, so it was an obvious choice.

So when the days till my birthday were down to single digits, I started planning. My boyfriend agreed to drive me into Seattle. I already knew what shop I wanted to go to. So I called them up a couple of days before my birthday and made an appointment. I would be pierced by Sarai, the one female piercer at Slave To The Needle. Which was a nice coincidence for me, I figured I'd be more comfortable having my nipples pierced by a girl. It would probably make my boyfriend more comfortable to. I had trouble sleeping the night before, I was so excited.

My boyfriend and I arrived really early because we had given ourselves way too much time to get lost. The shop wasn't even open yet. So we walked around for a bit but it was really cold so we headed back to his car to stay warm and listen to music. It very surreal, I couldn't believe that I was actually about to get my nipples pierced. Enough time wasted we headed into the shop to wait. They gave me some paperwork and wished me a happy birthday. A couple of girls were getting pierced before me, so we looked at jewelry while we waited. I found a pair of spirals, I decided I would have to come back for.

Sarai, my piercer came and found me then. We all headed in to her piercing room. I took off my jacket and hopped up on a mauve sparkly doctor's table/chair. She asked if I had any questions. I said no, and she went on to explain, why she was using barbells instead of rings. Sarai said that often rings get bumped more and unless they are flipped up they can get pulled down by the bra which can cause migration or rejection. She went on to explain how she was going to piece me. While she did this, she washed her hands and put on a pair of gloves. Then she explained that she has going to mark me standing up, so in other words it was time to lose my shirt. That done, she cleaned my nipples and then got two tooth picks and some ink. She marked the left side and checked them for levelness before moving on to the right. She wasn't happy with the first mark and re-did it. Then she had me lie down on the table. My boyfriend waved goodbye to my nipples, then started to banter with me, which eased my nerves and made me laugh. Sarai changed her gloves again and then she took everything out of it's packaging. She explained the process one more time. Then cleaned my nipples again, before lining the needle up. Deep breath in and a pinch. The pain wasn't too bad, I'd say it was on par with my industrial. Just more...fleshy instead of the crunch of cartilage. It was rather intriguing to see a needle through my nipple. She slid the jewelry in after, which didn't really hurt. Moving to the right side, we repeated the process. It hurt more the second time and I know my body jerked a little bit.

Once the jewelry was in the pain subsided and hasn't come back. Which I do find strange, I mean, even my ears lobes were sore for a couple of days afterwards when I had them pierced. My industrial was very sensitive to touch, even the slightest brush hurt. But my nipples, nothing. They haven't been sore or painful at all aside from the occasional twinge. Then she had me go check out my new piercings in the mirror, they were gorgeous, everything I expected them to be. I pulled on my clothes carefully and Sarai went over aftercare with me, sea-salt soaks twice a day and other then that leave them alone. I thanked her with a big smile and then we went out and paid. The price was a little higher then I had expected but my boyfriend happily chipped in. Overall it was a great start to my birthday.

Healing so far has been easy. They bled a little bit the first two days. They've been a little itchy since the skin around it has been peeling, but even that wasn't been much of an issue. Sea-salt soaks take care of the crusties. The only times they've been painful was when my cat decided jumping on my chest from the top of the couch would be great fun and when I'd accidentally bump them and slide the jewelry.

I love these piercings so much. They make me feel brave and more confidant. The extra sensitivity is a plus as well, though I won't really be able to test that out for several months. This has been one of my easiest piercings so far. If you're on the fence about getting them done, I'd say just go for it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sarai
Studio: Slave+to+The+Needle
Location: Seattle

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