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My first ever body mod

I have always been fascinated by tattoos and piercings for as long as I could remember. Having grown up in a very traditional Chinese, very religious Roman Catholic, very conservative household back home in the Philippines, though, I never had the guts or even the opportunity to explore that fascination. In 2004, I moved to Michigan for work and suddenly the opportunities arise. Driving around Michigan, I always see the tattoo/piercing parlors around and I always think to myself when I could muster up the guts to go into one.

This new year, my twin brother and I promised each other that we will have our nipples pierced for our birthday this year. We decided on piercing since it's just a quick poke, and we decided on nipples since it's private and won't be conspicuous under our work clothes.

The piercing day finally arrived for me yesterday. After much research, I decided Eternal Tattoos in Livonia would be the place for me—they have a very nice and informative website and there seems to be a lot of people who had their tattoos/piercings done there.

My boyfriend drove me to the place for moral support and we were glad that when we got there, we were the only ones there—I could have freaked out if I had to wait behind screaming people having themselves done. Stacy the piercing lady was extremely friendly and got me comfortable immediately. I informed her that this was my very first body mod ever. After filling out the proper forms, she whisked me into a small room that looked very neat and clean. She had me sit on this seat that looked like a dentist's chair—very comfy.

I have to admit, I thought the process would take longer--with a lot more chatter and explanations--but I was glad that Stacy just went straight to the point. She marked my nipples and asked me if I had preference which side she should do first just in case I quit after the first one—I chose my left nipple. She clamped it up, had me take a deep breath, then poke. Done! I swear, that didn't hurt much at all! I felt like someone pinching them very hard, or someone biting into them. Stacy asked me if I was ready for my other nipple and I told her let's get it over with. Clamp, deep breathe,poke. All done! I did not experience the chest pains that a lot of other people write about. My nipples were just a little sore. I checked the results in front of the mirror and it looked absolutely awesome. I immediately felt sexy. It probably took longer to fill out the forms and prep compared to the actually piercing itself.

Now I understand what I have read when people say that the anticipation, the wait, and the suspense is so much worse than the actual experience! The piercing itself wasn't bad at all. My nipples were naturally stinging a little bit afterwards but nothing unbearable at all. Stacy put bandaids on my nipples just to prevent unnecessary irritation from my clothes but she advised me to remove them as soon as I got home.

After coming out of the piercing place, I was able to eat a nice dinner at Chili's and shopped around Best Buy with no problems at all.

I was thankful for all the advice she gave me. If I were think about it myself, I would've done all the wrong things. She told me not to use rubbing alcohol or ointments on the piercing. She told me not to cover them up with bandaids (I bought a ton of bandaids already in preparation for my piercing but I guess I won't be needed them now). And she told me not to play with them until they're healed enough. If I hadn't known about all this information, I would have done the exact opposite.

Stacy also gave me a piece of paper that included suggestions and recommendations regarding the maintenance of the piercing. Very useful information. One very important information I'm glad to take out of the guide was that I should not wash the piercing more than twice a day! Apparently, too much washing could irritate the piercing. I was also glad to know that going to the gym and sweating would not be a problem.

It's the morning after my very first piercing and I feel great! Sleeping was a little bit of a challenge since I usually sleep on my belly but I was able to manage. The stinging and soreness is actually gone this morning. I have yet to clean it up for the first time, though.

All in all, I am so happy I finally found the guts to go thru with this. Thank you so much Eternal Tattoos for not being intimidating at all for us body mod virgins. I'm already thinking about what's the next thing I can get done.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Stacy
Studio: Eternal+Tattoos
Location: Livonia%2C+MI

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