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My favorite new piercings!!

If you knew me, you would probably never believe that I'm the kind of girl to get my nipples pierced. I actually never even believed that I would get it done. But I did my research and I decided that these were the piercings for me.

I wanted to get them done when I was in Colorado over the three day weekend, but my friend I was visiting said that "only whores get their nipples pierced." So instead of getting the piercings I really wanted, I just went and got my tongue pierced because I didn't want my friends to think negatively of me. For the next few days all I could think about was how I REALLY wanted to get my nipples pierced.

When I got back to Missouri, I set out on a mission to find a piercing place I was comfortable with. After a few days of research, I decided on Alternative Art Ink in Columbia, Missouri. After I got done with class one day, I decided on a whim that it was the day to do it. I knew if I didn't do it that day then I would keep regretting not having them done. I called the place to make sure they weren't busy, and within minutes I was making the hour and a half long drive to Columbia. Surprisingly I wasn't that nervous. I mean, I love piercings but I absolutely HATE the process of getting piercing... I definitely do not have a high pain tolerance.

So once I get to the shop, I walk in and instantly feel comfortable. At this point I started getting a little nervous because I knew I was almost to the point of not being able to turn back. The guy at the counter (I cannot for the life of me remember his name...) asked if I needed anything and I replied that I was looking to get my nipples pierced. He brought me all of the paperwork and took my ID to make a copy of it. After going through all of the paperwork and paying, he took me back to the piercing room.

At this point I was beginning to get quite a bit more nervous. I think I might have been more nervous about showing a complete stranger my breasts because I have never been comfortable with the way my breasts look. That part concerned me more than the actual piercing even though I knew it was going to be my most painful piercing yet.

Once in the piercing room he asked if I wanted a standard nipple piercing or if I wanted to gauge them and if I had had them pierced before. I told him I just wanted the standard piercing with a barbell. He then asked me to take my shirt and bra off while he left the room. I did as he asked and calmed myself down for a minute before calling him back in.

Once he came back in, he cleaned my nipples, marked them for piercing, and measured them to figure out what length barbell to use. He gave me a mirror to check the placement. Looking back, I think I should have asked him to do them a little lower because they're just a tad high although they still look great. He then asked me to sit down and finished getting everything ready.

I don't know if I've ever been as scared for a piercing as I was at that moment. It didn't help that he then told me something along the lines of "the first one is going to hurt like a bitch, and then the second one you're going to want to punch me in the face... so you can curse or scream or anything you want as long as you don't actually punch me." At this point all I could do was let out a nervous giggle.

He then told me to take a deep breath, but I was so scared that I got in a mouthful of air. He then put the clamps on, which was mildly uncomfortable, but it wasn't so bad because he calmed me down by joking about how he can't believe people pay him to do this. So he told me to breath out and take another deep breath. This time I knew I had to do it because I did not go all that way just to puss out. I dug my fingernail into my hand, looked away because I have this thing against looking at needles before they get shoved through my body, and told him I was ready.

I took a deep breath in and breathed out on his count of three. As soon as he got to three, there was an intense pain in my left nipple. Amazingly I didn't make a sound, and he told me I took it like a champ. The stinging only lasted for a few seconds and then there was a beautiful shiny barbell through my nipple.

He then got my right nipple ready and went through the same procedure. This time the stinging lasted for a little bit longer and I gave out a little gasp from the pain. He told me the hard part was done and I made the mistake of looking down before he put the jewelry in only to be thoroughly freaked out by the sight of a 14 gauge needle through my nipple. After a moment of shock, he put the barbell in and congratulated me for handling the piercings so well.

He cleaned away the few drops of blood that the right nipple had produced. Then as I was sitting there topless he proceeded to give me my aftercare instructions. He then let me walk over to the full-length mirror to check out my new piercings. As soon as I set eyes on them, I was in love... they look SO good. I went back in and he loosely covered my nipples with gauze in case they bled on my drive home. He left the room so I could get dressed, so I put my shirt back on but not my bra.

I handed him his tip and thanked him again before walking out of the shop. I couldn't believe I had just done this, I was so proud of myself! Even though I had only had my new piercings for a few minutes, I already felt a lot better about my body. I loved my breasts for the first time in my life. For the first hour or so of my drive home, my nipples were pretty sore and tender. By the time I got home though, they felt fine.

I've been washing them with Dial soap when I shower and doing sea salt soaks. After surprising my boyfriend with my newest piercings and seeing how much they turned him on, I made the mistake of letting him play with them just a few days after I had them done. The heightened sensitivity felt absolutely amazing, but letting him play with them definitely did not help the healing process at all.

The whole experience was totally worth it... a few seconds of pain in exchange for two piercings that I absolutely love. I've never really been proud of my breasts, but now I LOVE them. At first I wanted to keep it a secret, but my boyfriend felt the need to announce at a party full of my friends that I had gotten my nipples pierced. He thinks they're hot, his guy friends think it's hot, and even some of his girl friends asked me if they could see them. It's amazing the amount of interest that two little holes can generate, but I love being able to talk to people about my piercings and experiences with them. If you're thinking about getting your nipples pierced but are too afraid, don't let the fear stop you from doing it because it really only lasts a few seconds but will give you an insane amount of pleasure and satisfaction.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Location: Columbia%2C+MO

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