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My 2nd Nipple

This is a story about my 2nd nipple piercing. I originally had gotten my right one done and after having for about 2 years I decided to take it out because it had never really healed well. Also it had migrated some so it was crooked. This may be due to my boy friend at the time liked to tug on the piercing when we'd fool around.

I decided after breaking up w/ my boy friend that it would be a good time to try again. After speaking with my artist we decided it would be best that I not pierce the right one again in fear that it might migrate due to the scaring. Maybe after some time I'd get the right one done again but I've been told that I should do it on the vertical or in other words up and down and the more that I think about it I'm starting to agree. But that will be another day.

My artist was very cool and had several piercings himself. NEVER trust an artist who doesn't have them. It's kind of like never trust a skinny cook they probably don't know what they're doing or above all has no idea what it feels like. The artist first had me sit in the studio told me everything that he was doing as he laid out his tools and explained exactly the process that he would follow for the piercing. He then had me remove my shirt and damm it was cold in there because my nipples got instantly hard. Then he marked the entrance and exit points for the needle. He had me stand up and check it out in the mirror to make sure the piercing would be straight. Then I lay down on the table and he put the clamp or slotted forceps on my nipple threaded the 16 gauge barbell on the end of the needle. He had me take 2 or 3 deep breaths and on the 3rd breath said there'd be a small bit of pressure and before I knew it the barbell was in and he was putting the ball on the other side.

Generally I would say that I had a good experience with this piercing. What I liked most about my artist is that he spent a lot of time to explain everything which put me at ease and allowed me to submit totally to get the piercing done. I do think that the piercing is a bit deep and other artists have said the same thing but it's not been too much problem except for the 1st week the swelling was a lot and the piece of jewelry he used was a bit too short so there was quite a bit of pain. I even did have another artist replace the jewelry with a longer barbell to relieve some of the swelling as well as the pain. Now the piercing is awesome and I enjoy every aspect of having it.

Recently I've decided that I would do a piercing farther south. I've pretty much decided that it would be a frenum or possibly a pubic. And I've been talking to a guy online who's done all of his on his own and has said it really isn't that hard so he's going to talk me thru my first one on my own. I'll talk about that as soon as it's done and healed and let you know how it went.

My advice to anyone thinking about a piercing is spend a good amount of time thinking about weather or not you want to get it done or not. The find an artist you can trust. I also have 8 tattoos and one thing I've learned thru those is you can get a piece of work done cheep but it wont be good and you can get a piece of work done that will look very good but it wont be cheep you need to decided what you want. Because you most certainly get what you pay for in both piercing and tattoos. With piercing the quality of the jewelry is what you pay for and with body piercing you wants to have the best jewelry. It helps so much with healing! Above all after you have finally worked up all the nerve to get the piercing TAKE CARE OF IT!!! You've spent all that money to get something to change your look why would you not take care of it. Speaking of taking care of it. If you have a loved one who you know will want to "play" with it during your special times do your piercing a favor and make sure it's healed before they get their mouth around it. It will make your heal time much easier and your piercing will be much better off!

I just know that if you actually get the piercing done you will totally enjoy it and will like the way it makes you look just as I have enjoyed mine. So go out and get pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dont+Remember
Studio: Color+Works
Location: Sioux+City%2C+Iowa

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