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Had them for about five years now.

I've been "in to" body piercing for about as long as I can remember. When I was young I used to pierce myself all the time. The one thing I used to try to pierce repeatedly was my nipples. (my left nipple got it worse.) Throughout the years I have tried to pierce this nipple about 25 times or so. I never had good equipment, and my efforts always failed when I couldn't take the pain anymore. I gave up after it became obvious that safety pins, and sewing needles just weren't sharp enough. (this is never a good idea. I have since gotten very good at piercing myself and use only proper equipment.)

Everything changed after I turned 18. My mom became diabetic and I suddenly had access to really sharp needles. Only problem was they were too small to use with jewelry, and were attached to plastic backs. I removed them easily enough and for the first time pierced both nipples with little pain. Now I wanted to keep them! I had to remove the needles and get them done for good! It donned on me that I am 18 now and can get them done professionally! I don't know why I never really considered this before, but it was as if it was the first time I thought of it.

The day was Valentines Day and I went to my girlfriends work to tell her my plan. She thought I was nuts but I didn't care, I had a plan. Get my nipples pierced and buy her a present. When I got to the studio I realized how much professional piercing costs, and I had to choose between the piercings, and a present. Well.....I got them pierced and went home for more money.

I knew I wanted small micro barbells and the lady said "i'll have to do them at 16 gauge then." Fine by me I just want them done. She looked them over and told me she dosn't like to pierce with barbells as there needs to be a little extra room. Also the micro barbells I wanted were really snug, and she was worried about healing. She tried to talk me into getting rings at first, but I knew exactly what I wanted and promised to keep them really clean. She swabbed me, and explained how everything was going to go down. She marked me perfectly the first time.

Keep in mind I had just pierced them myself a few hours before, and when the clamps went on I could tell this was going to hurt. We agreed she was going to pierce on the count of three. one. two. Deep breath, three. And the first one was done. It looked great. Deep breath in, one. two THE BITCH WENT ON TWO! The second one hurt WAY more than the first.

When I looked at them in the mirror they were perfect! I looked at her, she checked them out and we both agreed they looked HOT! I knew these were piercings I would have for a long time. Other piercings have come and gone, girlfriends have come and gone But my nipple rings are still here. I kept them for about two years when I made a HUGE mistake. I TOOK THEM OUT! It was just for a weekend on the lake with my girlfriends family (didn't want to scare grandma) but they closed up and I missed them very much.

After we broke up a few months later I decided I wanted a tattoo. I brought my barbells with me and hoped to get them pierced again as a warmup. When I got to the studio there was no piercer there. They were closed for renovation and the tattoo artist was working on his day off as a favor. Well I was upset, and was getting my tattoo when the owners wife came in. "HEY! YOU WANNA PIERCE THIS GUYS NIPPLES?" he shouted to her. So I finished my tattoo as everything got sterilized and we did the nipples as a "grand finale"

So we got set up in the piercing room and she checked out my new tattoo. We got to talking about piercings and how she liked to pierce herself. I agreed and ended up showing off my self done piercings She was impressed and put me in contact with a friend of hers who owns a tattoo shop We spoke about an internship, and I will probably do that as soon as I'm out of school. She swabbed me, and used the marks from my first piercings as they were perfect. The clamps went on and one at a time I got my barbells back.

She did a great job and they looked just as good the second time. She had me breath out slowly as she pierced and I liked this WAY better than the countdown method. It really makes the pain alot more manageable. I was really happy to have my sexy nipples back, and felt alot more badass. I should have never taken them out and I will never do it again. I've had them for five years and I will probably have them for life.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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