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Awesome first experience!

I went into Skin Decision at 6:15 on Friday night, my intentions were to go in and get some prices on a tattoo that I drew up. This was my very first time going into their new shop,my friend had 2 tattoo's done by Chris and her husband had a few done by him as well. Just to let you know their tattoo's are amazing! The detail is perfect and the color, very crisp and long lasting. My girlfriend had her heart set on getting both her nipples pierced but she wouldn't get them done unless I did...mind you I thought she was nuts and I was terrified of the fact that, they are your nipples, they are sensitive and it would hurt like hell!I have had my nose done, my navel, my eyebrow, my tongue and my Madonna. But the nipple is the one place that I swore that I would never touch, after breastfeeding twice, I knew the pain and told myself that the nipples were out! I thought that even the six tattoo's i have would not compare to the pain I was gonna endure having my nipples done!

The parlor was adorned with typical pictures of art work but what caught my eye was the graffiti artwork on the wall and the comfy couch's. The graffiti art work was very complementing to the studio . They have display cases with many different types of piercing jewelery and lots of self done photo albums, which I love because it gives you a chance to check out their work.

The receptionist was awesome and their hired hand told me he had both of his done and it didn't hurt as much as getting your nose done (which I have had done twice!) They told me that they both got Julie to do their piercings and all they felt was a pinch and then it was over. After talking with them for about 2 hours and trying to talk myself into it, somehow I decided to go for it, once it is done, it is done!

My walk to the piercing room was a long one! But I took notice of the sparkling tattoo area's and neatly keep desk tops. The piercing room was very comfy feeling and had great lighting, which is also very comforting in itself! Very tidy and, like it's supposed to be all her gear and gadgets were in a sanitary wrap.

Julie, the piercer was totally wicked and made us feel comfortable, despite the fact that we were about to let some complete stranger see our breasts and on top of that, stick a needle through them...Ouch! We went over the care guide first and asked a few questions. We had the thrill of fighting it out to see who was gonna go first, I was conned into it because they thought I would chicken out after I seen it done. First off, I think it is great that Julie has a steady hand and doesn't use a clamp! The worse part of any piercing is the clamp going on, you don't even feel the pressure of the needle going through because of the pain of that clamp. So there I lay shaking and sweating and freaking that this is gonna be the worst pain in the world, she said take a deep breath 1..2...3...done. That was it! I couldn't believe how painless it was! I ended up doing both and not making a peep or jolting through either.

I was the one that was terrified to get it done in the first place, and my friend, totally confident and cool, was in so much pain and agony from the first one that she almost bailed on the second! Mind you she has a low-threshold for pain! Getting her belly pierced almost made her sick!

Today is Saturday, I feel great! I am in no pain what so ever and I don't even notice that they are done. Julie had told us to buy some Advil to keep the pain away and some soft soap to clean it with for 4 weeks. I think the Advil I took last night really helped, or it was the 3 whiskey sours I had...I notice that my left nipple has a bit of dried "matter" on it but other than that they look great! Both are completely straight and there is no swelling at all.

It was a awesome first experience, and great to meet the staff of Truro's newest tattoo and piercing studio! Thank you to the receptionist (I wish I had of asked your name!)and Jason for helping to talk me into getting a little crazy! And thank you to Julie,an amazing piercer, totally professional and sweet as can be!

I will be back to their shop for more piercings and tattoo's!

Tattoo's are next!

Bring on the pain!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Feb. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Julie+Taylor
Studio: Skin+Decision
Location: Truro++Nova+Scotia

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