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Was that it???

I have been wanting a new piercing for a while. I had been researching nipple piercings for a few months. There are a few things I wanted but really couldn't decide what to get. I never really thought I had the "balls" to get my nipple pierced. So, I knew I wanted it but just pushed it in the back of my mind. I recently had to retire a piercing due to getting an MRI. I knew it was time to replace it.

I had been talking to my boyfriend for a month about getting my nipple pierced. He wasn't real keen on the idea but he isn't keen on me getting any piercings. He told me if I wanted to get it done to go do it. I had planned on getting it last week but as always something came up so I had to use the money on something else. I figured that was a sign that I wouldn't be able to get it for a while.

I decided that when he got his paycheck, depending on how much it was, that I was going to go get my nipple pierced. I talked to him again and he said if I really wanted to get it to go. He got paid yesterday and I kept dropping subtle hints about going. He was supposed to have the day off so we could go. A couple hours later his boss called him in to work. Once again I figured I wouldn't be able to get it this week either.

I looked at him and said "so, what about that nipple piercing?" He looked up and said if you want it go get it. I was on my way to the shop and I couldn't find it. I knew they had been there because I saw it a couple weeks ago. So, I called the shop to find where they were at. It turns out that they recently moved to another location. I asked if the piercer was in and he told me not until 4.

I knew I had to get home because the boyfriend had to be at work. He told me we could go after he got off work. I was getting very excited. I sat here all day waiting for him to get home. He called me about 9 and told me he was on his way home. I was really getting excited then. When he got home I asked him if he wanted to go with me. He told me he didn't want to go. I made sure and asked a couple more times just to be sure.

I was on my way to the shop when he called and asked if I could pick up our roommate from work. I went and picked up our roommate and told him I was going to get a piercing and asked if he wanted to go with me or if he wanted to go home. He decided to come with me because he wanted to ask about a tattoo anyway. About 5 minutes later we were at the shop.

I walked in and they asked how they could help me. I told them I wanted to get my nipple pierced. The piercer (Jeff) looked up and said "just one?" I said yes. He had me fill out the release form and made a copy of my ID. He then told me how much it was so I paid for it. He had me come back so I could watch to make sure everything was sterile. He told me he had to run it through the machine and he would call me back when it was done.

I started getting the butterflies I usually get right before a piercing. Before I knew it he was calling me back. I started to get a little nervous. I walked in the room and he asked me if I was nervous. I told him yeah a little. He had me take my shirt off and get on the table. He cleaned off my nipple and then had me stand so he could mark it. He told me to get back on the table and lay down. By then I was real nervous.

He told me exactly what he was going to do so it calmed my nerves some. I felt him pull on my nipple then he said "take a deep breath in and blow it out." I didn't feel anything but a little pinch. I told him I was ready and he said the needle was already through. Was that it?? The only thing I felt was a little pinch when he was inserting the jewelry. I had myself all psyched up that it was going to be a lot worse than that.

He told me to get up and look at it and started going over aftercare instructions. I gave him a tip and left. I really haven't felt anything at all. It stings some but it's not constant. I love the way this looks and I can't wait to get my other one done. I am in love with this piercing. It is my favorite so far. My next adventure will be a microdermal. I found out Jeff does them so in a few weeks I'll be getting one.

I would highly recommend a nipple piercing if you are considering it. Don't let the thought of the pain stop you from getting it. If it does hurt it will only last a second. I love my new shiney and I hope you love yours too. Good luck and happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Jeff
Studio: Superchango+Tattoo+and+body+piercing
Location: Houston+TX

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