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Update on fulfilling a dream

A year ago, on New Year's Eve, I had a dream that inspired me to get my nipples and belly button pierced. It was a very erotic dream in which my husband took me to have my nipples, belly button and clit pierced, and bought me a silver chain to run from my nipples, through the belly button ring, to a ring in my clit, with another chain around my waist, running through a belly button ring. I couldn't get the dream out of my head, so by March, I gave in and went to have my nipples done. I ended up having my belly button done at the same time.

It's been nearly a year since I had that done, and I wanted to send an update. I had my nipples and belly button pierced at ACME Body Piercing in Cincinnati, OH by Cannon. He was awesome, the place was very clean, and I am still very pleased with my experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They put me at ease, and made me feel very comfortable. Warm, professional, and clean. I intend to go back there for my next piercings.

In the days and weeks after the piercings, I used the sea salt soaks less and less, and relied instead on colloidal silver spray. The sea salt was working fine, but it was awkward, especially with two kids in the house, to try and do the salt soaks on three piercings.

I have a bit of experience with the colloidal silver curing infections in animal bites - I have 8 rescued dogs, and occasionally have had nasty punctures when a dominance battle got out of hand with a new dog. I had one little dog who had a nasty bite in his thigh, with pus and red streaks running down his belly. I sprayed it with colloidal silver, intending to call and get antibiotics from my vet when she opened on Monday. But by Monday, the red streaks were gone and the pus almost gone as well. So I trust colloidal silver for treating wounds, even deep punctures.

For my piercings, I put it in a spray bottle, and squirted it onto the piercings in the morning and evening, working it through the holes by pulling the barbells back and forth gently. I had been warned there would be discharge and yukkiness... perhaps it was the silver that prevented too much of that, as I had very little.

The piercing itself - the process with the needle - didn't hurt much. In the case of my belly button, it didn't hurt at all. Just felt like pinching, a bit of pressure. As I said regarding my nipples, my kids bit me far worse when they were nursing. My nipples actually split when I was first nursing my daughter, and it hadn't deterred me from nursing. I couldn't imagine piercings hurting even that bad. When I told Cannon that story, a friend of mine who'd gone with me for support said "Shut up and drink your bloodmilk!" and we all laughed. Cannon nodded and said yeah, you're not even going to notice this then!

My nipples did ache for a few days afterward. The ache seemed to kick in about three days after, and hung around for maybe a week or two, off and on. Nothing worrisome, and they healed nicely. My cat did step squarely on my belly button piercing when it was half healed, tearing the skin around it. That hurt for a few days. So my belly button took twice as long to heal as my nipples did, but all in all, they're all awesome.

I just received a barbell with a skull and crossbones embedded in the lower ball for my belly button on Yule, and it's very cute. I was worried about changing jewelry myself, as I'd read about others who'd had trouble, so I waited until I knew Acme would be open, in case I had to go for help. But it has been about 9 months since I was pierced, and they're very well healed. I had no trouble switching it out at all, or getting the new one in.

I'm going to go buy myself some pretty rings for my nipples next. I've been a very good and patient girl and left the original steel barbells in for 9 months. It's time to treat myself to new jewelry, and then, to a new piercing.

I'm going to go talk to Cannon about a triangle. After reading everything I could find on BME as well as other sites, I rather doubt I'm built properly for it, and may have to settle for a hood piercing. But I at least want to ask about a triangle first, as that's what I really want. I'll post back when I've figured that out.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Cannon
Studio: ACME+Body+Piercing
Location: Cincinnati%2C+OH

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