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The piercing that almost turned me into a uni-boob.

It all started in June, when I ordered custom 10g nipple bars. They were supposed to be in for my eighteenth birthday, but everything wrong happened with shipping (distributor went under, then got held at the boarder, then found out it was the box was sent to the wrong store, then they were finally in). It was finally in November when I was able to come in and let Amanda stab my nipples. We chatted for almost two hours about risks, aftercare, what clothes to wear, plus things unrelated to the piercing. The piercing itself hurt: it wasn't as easy as my tongue, but nowhere near as painful as my nostril, a little bit more painful than a lip.

I had absolutely no problems with my right nipple. My left one kept getting knocked and pinched between boxes, and even got caught on my bra strap. After three days it became itchy (which I find is normal whenever I'm healing any wound), but otherwise things were rocking. The ninth day of having them, I went to bed fine. I woke up the next morning with my right breast in terrible pain. It was slightly red, but no other symptoms. I had my shower and called my supervisor to tell her I'd be late. Within twenty minutes, I was feverish, hallucinating, shaking uncontrollably, very cold, and my dad said I was ghost white (I was still planning on going into work at this time). Finally, when I started bawling my eyes out from the pain, my dad made me call my mother for medical information, then my boss and drove me to the hospital.

I have no idea how long I sat in the waiting room. It could have been five minutes; it could have been an hour. I'm not even sure how I was able to spell my name out to the registration nurses. I remember the doctor asking me why I was crying while I was taking off my shirt to show him my breast (which was bright red at the time, no discharge from the nipple, though), I replied with "Because it hurts like a motherfucker." Then I laid down and saw evil snowmen in the ceiling... I think I had one hell of a fever.

They admitted me to the hospital right away and laid me in a bed in the emergency ward. I don't know if it was endorphins kicking in, or if my fever and hallucinations were becoming worse, but the pain was easing a little. They asked me to take out my nipple ring, which I gladly did. They did three needle biopsies to see if they could get tissue, but failed. I nearly told them to try a derma punch, but I decided to shut my trap because they were the pros here. A surgeon came to see me, saw my breast, thought a bit and left to get two plastic surgeons. The cosmetic surgeons told me that if it was as bad as they thought it was, I would need to have chest wall repair, a mastectomy and probably shoulder blade repair. But none the less, they said I could be risking death. So they started antibiotics right away, hoping it was just an infection.

I was doped up on morphine when my mom started nagging on me about what could happen.

"You know, you can lose your breast."


"You can die from this."


"I don't think you understand. You could only have one breast."

"I get it."

Personally, I don't remember that, but my supervisor said she told everyone at my work that. I was past the point of shock. A freak infection happened, what could I do then? If I had to lose my breast, it had to be done. Accept and move on.

Turns out I didn't need my breast removed, but I did have a massive infection called cellulitis, and had to be kept overnight for observation to make sure I didn't die. I was drugged up with medication for my fever and morphine, which got rid of the scary fever induced hallucinations, but gave me opium induced ones of my friend's hair turning into an octopus.

After three days in the hospital, I was ready to go home and go back to work. The doctor made me stay home for two more days before I could return back to my regular shifts. I was on two weeks of heavy antibiotics and pain killers. Slowly my breast returned back to looking like normal. My doctor is very happy with how I've healed up, and is still surprised at how fast the infection came along. My piercer gave me tons of support while I was healing, and I am planning on getting it repiercerd next summer. For now I still have good ol' lefty in.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Amanda+Chisholm
Studio: Atomic+Zombie
Location: Edmonton%2C+Alberta

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