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The nipple that never healed

Well... getting my nipple pierced was not something that I can say I had thought about for a long time before doing but it was definitely an experience I would not pass up if I had the chance.

This is back in 2001 by the way. A group of us went to Ottawa for a day trip and we're hanging around when we came across a tattoo and body piercing parlor. My buddy Al persuaded me to go in and before I know it, I had paid the man and was waiting for my turn to get pricked.

For me, modifying my body was not new to me. I have had several tattoos but this was to me my first piercing.

Finally. My turn. I am so excited.

So I go into the room, take off my shirt as he gets ready to do the deed.

Now since I had not really done any research I was really unprepared for what was about to happen. I did realize that sticking something in my body would probably not feel the greatest but I welcomed the pain. As the Marquis de Sade once said: ""Sex without pain and fear is like food without taste." A wise and fun quote.

The time is here. I see the needle and it looks big but...

So in it goes.

And here comes the pain.

Wow. I am totally not prepared for this. I get tunnel vision. I feel nothing but the world closing in fast. The room is getting darker. And it stops. The tunnel vision subsides and I start to feel pain. Loads of it. With every heartbeat I feel blood rush through my body. My nipple. Pain. Throbbing.

I try to stand but almost fall. I need help. I had to rely on a friend as a crutch.

So by now you're thinking... this guy's a $ussy. Well. That ain't the case. I have broken bones, gotten stitches and broken teeth. All we not even close to this pain. Maybe I just have sensitive nipples?

Walking down Bank Street was an experience that I will never forget. Each step was excruciating. Every foot fall was like another nipple getting pierced. Every deep breath felt like my last and I was thinking when this would all go away. My buddy having to hold me so that I do not tumble over.

So it's sounding pretty bad and till this point and it was.

But there was a lot of good too. The feeling when played with was amazing. I think that I am hyper sensitive and that the piercing only served to heighten the experience. The look was more than I dreamed of. The feeling of cold metal running through me made me stronger. I loved it. I loved that nobody knew what I had done unless I choose to let them in. It was such a good experience and looking back, I'd do it again. But let us move on a little...

For what ever reason, it was always a little tender. Placement seemed to be an issue as when it flipped up, it just stayed there. Was this normal, I do not know. But it seemed that this contributed to the lack of healing. When it flipped or was played with aggressively, it became soar and red. Then the crusties would come back. I thought I was just a gluten for punishment and decided that this was just the way it was supposed to be.

After a year with the crusties and the pain I decided that it was probably enough and in the end I decided that it needed to come out. With a year of crusties even though I was properly cleaning, I figured that my body was just not liking it. Maybe I should have consulted someone but instead I grabbed a set of pliers, separated the ring and took 'er out. In hind site I wish I had looked into keeping it. It was such a part of me and now I miss it dearly.

But here is the fun part. I'd totally do it again. Despite the pain and despite the crusties. My whole point of writing what I did was to show that all experiences are not positive but that doesn't mean you can't learn something from them.

With my nipple piercing, I hurt like mad. Now I believe it was my lack of research that had me end up where I did.

Today, I am looking at getting another but this time not a nipple but rather a PA. The research I have done now makes me confident and I know exactly what I am looking at. Sites like this one are great resources. Use them well!

And if my PA heals well I'll go get my nipples done again.


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on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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