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Pierced nipples at last - and stretching

In January 2006 my partner, now my wife, was away on an extended holiday in her homeland. For many years I had thought about having my nipples pierced but the conservative side of me had completely rejected the idea. The logical side of me wasn't far behind as I had tiny nipples - not much more than a match-head.

My old girl-friends had a lot of fun with those tiny nubs - biting an torturing them as best they could. They had almost no sensation but now - well - read on!

Somehow I got the idea in my head that I would have it done while she was away. I don't know why - perhaps exerting some kind of independence against a rather possessive partner. I had been a complete slut for many years before meeting her and she had wanted to be sure she could keep the guy she worked hard to get. Or something like that.

I'm already tattooed - but that's another story.

I went to Totally Pierced in Darlinghurst one Saturday afternoon. No booking, thinking that if they were too busy then I would take it as a sign that this wasn't the right choice for me. Ooops - they weren't busy and I was to be the next client.

I was sweating bullets. I was nervous. Twitchy. Think "12 double espressos" twitchy. I've been shot, I've been electrocuted, I've lied cheated and stolen (as a young, dumb and full of cum teener) but this was the most terrified I was about any deliberate act in my adult life. Save for my first wedding, but let's not go there!

After the obligatory choosing of jewellery (14 ga CBR) and signing of paperwork, I was asked to wait a moment while all was made ready. While

I was waiting I took the time to look at their immaculately clean reception area and the collection of very large gauge (at least to my innocent eyes!) CBR and circular barbells in a display cabinet on the wall.

To my relief, the client before me was a young girl, perhaps 17 or so who with her mother supervising had her ears pierced properly and a neat little CBR therein. Her happy smile and demeanour put me more at ease. For a moment.

My time came. I was invited back to the working area and asked to remove my shirt.

The gent marked me up carefully - a dot on each side of my nips and asked me to check his work. All was well and it was time to proceed.

I laid on the table and the usual breathing routine was discussed.

Terrified. I wanted to bolt. I didn't want this anymore. I wanted out.

Too late. :)

The needle pushed through my left nipple and hurt a bit. I finally relaxed. It wasn't so bad after all! Nice and easy. Jewellery was slipped in and yes - one down, one to go.

His general conversation was pleasant, talking about what was going on in town at the time, talking about generalities - a grand bedside manner. His comment that it was "really hardcore to get both nipples pierced at the same time" gave me the bravado that I needed. A sweet lie on his part. Being inexperienced, his ego-feeding made me eight feet tall and ready for anything.

The right nip, the last one - well - that was an eye-opener. The sensation of the first was a mild pain. This time? It was pain. Oh yes - most certainly pain. Strong pain. I suppressed a string of expletives in front of this seemingly well cultured and gentle piercing guy.

He slipped in the jewellery and finished up.

I stood, checked out my new adornments and was well pleased. Done. Well done.

The drive home was entertaining as I was wearing a linen shirt, so my newly sensitive nips rubbing on the seemingly coarse fabric was indeed a sensation. A mixed sensation because every bump made the rings jiggle and give pain at the same time.

I had a secret smile all the time at work on the Monday. I still do.

Cut forward a couple of months when my gf returned home. Talk about fascinated! She couldn't stop playing with them, much to my pleasure. Fabulous.

Cut forward six months... and I found some body jewellery supply sites. Needless to say, I found new and bigger things to put in my piercings. I found lots of interesting jewellery and tapers and all sorts of things for myself and my gf (now my wife) and we're having a great deal of fun with it all.

Since mid '07 my nipples and my left ear are all at 8 ga and I'm exceedingly happy.

I take pleasure in wearing shirts that are a little close-fitting so that the balls on my circular bar-bells can be seen - but only just.

I'm taking a lot of joy in being known as a senior power-broker in a very closed international industry with a personal reputation for being a hard-ass and incorruptible but at the same time letting little glimpses of my personal kink be visible to my personal staff (who have been with me for many years and are like family).

Still - it's time for more size increases and soon (June 08) a PA. Maybe I should get a hafada for some fun before then? Either way, I'm sure to write for BME again, every time.

If you're thinking about starting the journey into body modification, choose to do it. Make the choices that match your needs. If you're in a conservative business or society, choose mods that won't bring trouble to you until you're ready and confident to stand in the face of all who contest your choice.

And most of all - enjoy the journey. It's truly lifelong.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Forgotten%2C+but+he+was+a+nice+man.
Studio: Totally+Pierced
Location: Sydney%2C+NSW%2C+Australia

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