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Pain like no other

Recently I decided after a two and a half year run at a 2 gauge to make the leap to 0 gauge in my left nipple. At the time I was working at a body jewelry kiosk in the mall so I had plenty of options for jewelry, but the first couple of times I brought something home it just would not work.

Attempt number one involved a surgical steel horseshoe and needless to say I was unable to just shove that through even though a horseshoe was what I used to go from 4 gauge to 2 gauge. The second time I tried I used an acrylic crescent, which might have worked if only it was a more gradual taper. Finally, I decided on a surgical steel horn. So I bought the piece, called my wife and let her know I would be home soon to have a little fun.

To my surprise I came home to a house full of people she had invited over to witness the event. This made me a little nervous, for one I had never had an audience and second I usually yell quite a bit while stretching my nipple. After a short discussion preparing them as best I could for what they were about to see, I got everything ready.

I used vaseline as my lubricant, which might not have been the best idea but as I had never used lube before I thought it would work just fine. I opened the captive bead ring I currently had in and removed it. I readied the jewelry with the lube, took a deep breath, exhaled and shoved that monster in there. Immediately I saw stars and like always my other nipples' sympathy pains were almost as harsh as the nipple that was stretched. No yelling this time for fear of freaking out the audience even more than they were, so I wiped off the excess lube and lit a cigarette.

It hurt quite a bit more this time than it ever had previously but I wasn't that worried. I finished my cigarette, accepted congratulations from my wife and weird stares from the people she invited, put on a light shirt and went on about my way.

Now there are always a few days of getting used to the stretch and the new jewelry but after a week it had made no progress. It still hurt constantly and had even begun to look dried out which is not a good sign from my past experience. Almost any bodily movement caused pain so I decided to band-aid it to my chest to avoid movement. This helped quite a bit but it was still not healing as I knew it should.

I then decided a change of jewelry was necessary, because maybe the weight of the surgical steel was part of the complication. Upon removal of the horn I realized two horrible things. One, the entry hole for the jewelry on my nipple was slightly split upward. Two, the exit hole seemed to be a little blown out. This was quite an unhappy thing for me to realize because my stretched nipple is my pride and joy and I have no intentions of losing it. I then put the acrylic crescent had bought in to see if it might help any. It was once again quite the pain with jewelry insertion, but the almost weightless crescent provided much relief to my abused nipple.

Most everything was going well, it was gradually feeling better as I thought it should, and the dried-out look was almost completely gone. After another week it was feeling and looking much better, the blow-out was slightly retracing its steps and what had looked like a split had changed to just a teardrop effect like when you stretch your ears.

Now my acrylic crescent was black, and I started to see some black through my nipple as if it was rejecting my ring. This was once again a big deal because I realized it would hurt alot more this time than when it split after it was originally pierced. When it happened the first time I just let it heal shut and got it pierced again. This time I doubt things would go so easily, and my wife was almost in tears over the loss of my nipple ring. I explained to her I could always just get the two split halves pierced vertically and stretch them, but she said it just wouldn't be as much fun to play with. So after much deliberation I decided to go back down to a 2 gauge for a while and hopefully stretch number two will not cause me so many problems.

I may not have helped any of you out with what to do with your stretched nipples but hopefully I've helped you realize a couple things that might not immediately come to mind when stretching your nipple. First, a gradual stretch is best, and having it tapered(maybe even professionally) is the way to go. Also, heavy jewelry is not the way to go right away. Get something acrylic, perhaps even a plug or tunnel. I mean even if you don't like the looks of the jewelry you'll still have your nipple later and can change the jewelry when its healed. I hope some of you have enjoyed this tale of the biggest pain I have ever felt in my life, and soon I will feel it again.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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