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Nipplerotica and Male Nipple Piercings

Male nipples, everyone wonders why men have them, no one really knows why. Like many people with nipple piercings, I got them because I wanted to get pierced and my parents couldn't see them. After having them I understood the others who got them for sexual reasons.

(Skip this paragraph to get to the nipplerotica) My nipples were the first piercing I ever got. I wasn't quite sure how I would react to getting needles poked through these pointless things on my chest. So far in my life except for a one time which I will explain later they had never seemed important. I just figured them for things to make it funnier and more complete to the look when a man has big juicy man-boobies. So I decided I would do something with them and had always wanted a piercing but my parents hated them. After a few weeks of deciding if I should I finally dragged my cousin along with me to the one of the local piercing studios in town. We went to the Voodoo Den, a small little building the size of a restroom at a gas station and looked almost just as nasty. I now know he is very clean and professional, and one of my favorite piercers, but his studio looks sketchy and scary for a first time customer. I went in nervous but determined to get this done, and wouldn't you know it, the thing a newbie never wants to do is wait and have that anticipation build, the guy wasn't even there. He had run out for while and his apprentice didn't do nipple piercings. But god damn it I was going to get this done so I ended up waiting for like two hours. When he finally gets there he takes me to the back, I lay down on the piercing table and I was thinking he would do like a count down or something but he just grabs my nipple with the clamps and asks if I'm ready and then stabs me before I even have a chance to answer. HOLY SHIT THAT FUCKING HURT. That's all that was running through my mind as he moved to the next one and asked if I was ready, "sure why fucking not", STAB, it felt like a Smurf had just shanked my nipples. Many people take pain differently this is just how I reacted. After gathering myself together I thought I would be ok and stood up to leave but almost fainted on the way out. I ended up hanging out for about 30 minutes before I left, they were really cool and the apprentice was joking around with me saying he didn't even have the balls to get both his done, he could only handle one which made me feel better. After word I had to go to my sister's graduation which was pure torture, I don't suggest getting anything "sexual" done when you have to be around your relatives for the next six hours after word. These first few hours were the first experiences of the pain/pleasure that come with having nipple piercings.

The first time I was ever turned on by my nipples I was with some friends hanging out on an abandon railroad bridge. After smoking up and doing a few other dares, a girl my friend had just introduced me to was dared to lick my nipple. This is before the piercing and one of the reasons I wanted to get them pierced to add more sensation. We had had an instant connection when we met and this just made it even better. She went down on my nipple and licked and sucked the hell out of it, I had never been turned on like this before. After pulling a hair out of her mouth, we of course started going out, how could I not want to go out with her after that, she just gave me a boner by licking my nipple. Sadly it didn't last long. That was one of the best times we had in those two weeks of being together.

I didn't have pleasure from my nipples again until I got them pierced. The odd combination of pain and pleasure from my nipples for the first couple of weeks of having them was this great sensation I just can't explain. It wasn't until they were fully healed until I was actually able to play with them. Which actually took awhile because they kept getting caught on shit at work and ripping. Don't let that stop you from getting them done, my job just requires me to carry stuff and they would grab my rings.

I had always kind of played with them when I showed people I had them done, but never really played with them until a few weeks ago. I was sitting around my cold room when I noticed how hard my nipples were, one because it was cold, two because I had metal rings in which makes them more sensitive to the temperature. I started pulling them and rubbing them and was really getting excited. I was really getting into it, and rubbing and pinching really hard, finding what worked and what didn't, really exploring my body. It was that odd combination of pain and pleasure again, I'm into S&M, and this might explain why I like it. The harder I played the more excited I got and for the first time I cummed with out ever touching my dick. It was one of the best times I've had masturbating in a long time. I have since continued to play with and enjoy my nipples, I haven't tried those electric clips I've seen in S&M videos, but I'm up for almost anything. I encourage everybody to explore their bodies and find new ways to stimulate themselves.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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