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Nipple Piercing

A week before the May 2-4 weekend me and friend and had been chatting about getting my nipple pierced, she already has her's done. I wanted to make this break a good one so why not start it off with some fresh metal. I knew exactally where I wanted to get it done and I trusted the girl completely. I knew Kreative was clean and a lot of my other friends have recieved tattoo's and piercings there before. I was also nervous because I didn't want my nipple to be perminetly messed up, clearly I was willing to take that risk and the risk of my parents being super mad at me if they found out.

All day at school I was sitting nervous in my chair and by the time the final bell rang I had to talk to myself into and give myself that extra kick to get on the bus. I can honestly say the bus ride took felt like it took 2 hours and I was just thinking to myself "what am I going to say if she turns me down". My friend just got his done and it turned out not to well, there was blood running down his chest because he had got it done at some nail salon.

When the bus finally stopped my friend and I climbed off and stood infront of the studio and she asked me one last night "are yah ready" I took a giant leap of faith and just did it. We walked in together and I asked the lady at the desk if I could get my nipple pierced and with a HUGE sigh of relief she said "sure, ill just be a minute, take a seat". The piercer knew me and I knew her, she had done my belly button on another time and my tragus.

I had to fill out the forms and I was so nervous I forgot half of my information. I sat their palms sweaty in the waiting room waiting for her to finish with another client. She had just done someone's tongue and I thought that was way more painful then a nipple piercing so I calmed down. People had been telling me the worst all week and I could just feel the pain. She finally called me in.

Of course I dragged my friend in with and it was a little weird showing my boob off to another girl, but I trusted her completely. She placed the blue dots on either side and then placed her rubber gloves on her hand and then placed the clamp on my nipple. The whole time she was getting ready I was starring at the needle she was going to do it with, convincing myself that it wasn't as large as it looked. The clamp actually hurts more then the piercing itself.It's really cold and she pulled on your nipple so she has a solid place to push it through. But anyways she told me it wasn't a good idea to turn my head to the mirror covered wall because she thought I shouldn't see it happen. So I grabbed my friend hand and held it tight.

When the needle finally went through all I felt was a little pop and northing more. I didn't look and I scruntched up my face pretty bad, it was more of a gross feeling then pain. Of course putting the ring in hurt the most. The sensation after was a weird one it throbbed, stung, and felt very hot for the first couple of days but it soon went away.

My friend took me outside for some air. I didnt need it and I was in no state of passing out but I just wanted to get out of a hot enclosed area. I thanked the piercer numerous times and I said she did a wonderful job. I was truely thrilled I loved it and I spent much time admiring it.

After 3-4 months I got nervous about it so I took it out and closed the hole. I was worried sick my mom was going to see it through my bathing suit or that the metal detector was going to go off when I walked through the airport. I loved it so much it was my own personal thing that not to many people knew about. About three weeks later my sister joined me in the world of nipple piercings. So it was much more then just a piercing now, it was a sisterly bond.

All in all my nipple healed perfectly and I'm looking forward to getting my other one done soon. I'm a little worried to get it done on the same nipple so I'm going to opt for the other one. I loved it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Studio: Kreative+Khaos
Location: Ontario%2C+Canada

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