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My Piercings

My Piercing

At long last and after considerable thought I finally plucked up the courage to get my nipples pierced. I have had an ear pierced twice but I have never ventured into the real realms of body piercing. I did research on the Internet looking for information on how the procedure was carried out and what to look for when choosing somewhere to have the piercings done and for recommendations on where to go. During my research on the Internet, I came across a very satisfied customer who had been to the The Blackpool Body Piercing Clinic. I gave them a call and had a chat about what I wanted and asked about all the details of the procedure. I was told how the procedure would be carried out – how long it would take, what the pain level would be like, and whether it was better to have an appointment – and decided there and then to make an appointment, as I was very satisfied by what I had been told.

I went to the piercing clinic on one of the many cold and windy days of January with slight trepidation, but also with great excitement. When I arrived we talked again about the procedure and I felt very comfortable with the surroundings and customer service. I was shown a large selection of rings to choose from. Too many for me as I prefer a choice of one! I actually preferred a smaller size of ring than fitted but I was advised that the size I had fitted was the normal recommended size and I could change once healing had been completed. I finally chose the rings I liked and then it was time to have the piercings done. Initially my nipples were sprayed to numb them, once and then sprayed a second time. The numbing process was the most intense feeling I experienced and yet not really painful, bordering on the level of pain and pleasure. The actual piercing experience was amazing as the left nipple was pierced first and I didn't feel pain as I had expected. There was a mild sensation as the nipple was pierced and that was all. I never actually knew the moment my nipple was pierced. After the left nipple was pierced the equipment was removed, new equipment laid out and then the same procedure carried out for the right nipple. Again I never felt the expected pain, however there was slightly more feeling than with the left piercing. Sean, the person whom pierced me told me that this is common with multiple piercings and that my right nipple is larger than the left and therefore I would feel the second piercing more than the left nipple.

After the piercings were completed and I had seen the rings in place they were then covered with dressings. I then spent a few minutes being given the aftercare information and also made an appointment for a check up after two weeks, which is all part of the excellent service.

I was and am extremely impressed with the professionalism and customer service I experienced and would very highly recommend The Blackpool Body Piercing Clinic as the place to go for your piercings.

I came out of the clinic not only feeling elated but immensely satisfied with the feeling that my life was taking a new direction since the piercing was such a new experience I never really expected.

I cannot believe that it is now ten days since I had the piercings done and I am amazed at how quickly the healing process is progressing. I make sure that I implicitly follow the aftercare advice I was given which is to clean the piercings with a saline solution dipped cotton bud (separate ends for each side of the piercing) twice per day.

I am fortunate enough to be blessed with very sensitive nipples and for the first few days I experienced an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure, especially as I moved around slightly and the rings were in contact with my clothing. Those super intense feeling have now worn off, which is probably a good thing as I was unable to concentrate on anything and was always muttering ooh and ah! I am now experiencing the most wonderful new sensations as my clothing touches my nipples and when the rings are touched. I think and seriously feel that my nipples are even more sensitive now than they were before the piercings.

My only regrets are that I never had anyone with me to share the experience with and to video the piercings so I could relive the experience and have a record for posterity.

If I get another piercing I will definitely have a video and also I will have any future piercings done at the Blackpool Body Piercing Clinic.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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