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If you touch my boobs, I'll sue you

I have wanted to get my nipples pierced for well over a year now. In fact, a friend and I from college had actually gone to the parlor (without an appointment of course) and found that it had closed early. We went home disappointed, but vowed we'd do it again. We had to keep putting it off for one reason or another, and then she ended up not wanting them before she got married, then she decided not to get them until after boot camp which would not have been until after this month. I thought that was cool because I had really wanted to get them with her. I began to wonder though if she wasn't chickening out on me. I had kept the thought of getting the piercing by myself in the back of my mind since then, waiting for that perfect opportunity (and to be quite honest I was also a little---a lot---scared).

Well, after months of waiting (and a cross-country move), the perfect opportunity presented itself. My new roomie wanted a tattoo for her birthday and I told her I would go with (since I have a tattoo as well) and then I realized that this would be the day I would pierce my nipples. I only have piercings in my ears (one 10 ga in each lobe and 2 16 ga in each lobe, one in the upper right ear, and an industrial on the left) and a tattoo of a cherry blossom on my left ankle, so I'm not a stranger to needles, but I had no experience with anything like what I was planning this time. I had toyed with the idea of a navel piercing, but I think that will have to wait until I am more comfortable with my stomach. I do love my breasts however, because they are (in my opinion) a great size and shape, and I felt they deserved to be adorned with something beautiful as well.

We got to the shop and the piercer Shayne introduced himself, asked what I wanted, and invited me back to the piercing room to see all the equipment for myself. He recommended the 14 ga bars (just like I read on BME...thanks!) and showed me how the clamps, the needles, the jewelery, etc were all sealed and autoclaved. He detailed the procedure, examined my nipples for sizing and determined it was be a go if I was still game. Of course I was! We settled the business of it all ($64 for both) and it was time.

His apprentice came in to observe which ended up being great because everything he was saying to the apprentice I found myself being very interested in and even contributing to the conversation. They were both so friendly and had great senses of humor and were totally able to put me at ease. They had me relaxed and laughing. There was this sign in the store about sexual harassment (which is not a joke, I know) and he told me a story about how a girl came in thinking it was totally normal her piercer fingered her while getting a VCH so I jokingly told Shayne I would sue him if he touched my boobs.

Shayne made the marks on both my nipples and allowed me to determine if the placement was right. Everything was a go. He clamped the left nipple, which was not at all uncomfortable for me. Then came the needle. Yes, it hurt. However, nothing like what I was expecting. I took in a quick breath and it was over. Placing the bar hurt just a little bit more. He then moved to the right nipple. Again, the clamp was not at all uncomfortable. Then came the needle...again. This one hurt more. I let out a little yelp of pain. The worst part of the whole experience was placing the bar in the second hole. Ouch! Then it was a trip to the mirror and I was done! Shayne was very clear about the aftercare I would need, healing time, and expected pain I'd be feeling about 10 minutes after the piercing. Boy was he right! As I stood there watching my friend get tattooed I started feeling this pain like my nipples had frostbite (which is the only way I can think to describe it) and Shayne right away must have noticed my face and asked how I was feeling. I told him he was spot on with the time assessment!

I've never been proud of my body, but only a few hours later, I'm so much more in love with my breasts I can't even believe it! I know my special someone will appreciate them more as well! ;) I didn't get them from her, but knowing she thought they would be sexy on me did help my confidence with my decision. I'm so so so happy with these bad boys (or gals as the case may be).

If you want your nipples pierce, I definitely recommend it. And if you're in the SA area, definitely check out Shayne at South Paw. He was great! I can also vouch for their tattoos as my roommate's tattoo turned out to be FANTASTIC!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Shayne
Studio: South+Paw
Location: San+Antonio

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