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Funtionless yet Decorative

I decided to get my nipples pierced on impulse, the day before Hallowe'en of last year. I knew I wanted to get something pierced, but I didn't want anything too visible, as my parents were still upset about my snakebites, which were only a month old. I considered a septum piercing, but decided to wait until I had my other nostril done, as I am a bit hung up on symmetry. The nostril was too 'in your face', so to speak, for my situation at the time, and I hadn't quite got used to wearing my glasses far enough down my nose yet for a bridge piercing to be an option.

I decided on the nipples as I have rather insensitive nipples – and not just regular style insensitive, either, mine actually couldn't feel anything except quite strong pressure, such as pinching, and it just registered as pressure rather than as a pleasurable sensation. I hoped the metal bar all the way through would help me access some of the nerves hidden inside, and let them function as another erogenous zone.

I was rather nervous about my decision when I went down to the basement of Inkwell Tattoo, to Mark's studio, V Piercings. Mark has done all my piercings so far, and I trust him, but I was questioning whether I trusted him THAT much as I took my top off. This is not an activity I frequently engage in, except with my boyfriend, and I was always quite embarrassed about my body. So it was quite a big step for me to be able to get half naked in front of someone.

I stood facing Mark and tried desperately to both relax and stand straight up at the same time. I wanted my nipples to be pierced horizontally, so he drew two purple dots on each side of my nipples, to give me a choice of placements. I can't remember how they were different, but I picked one, and then chose 1.4 mm titanium barbells, and sat up on the table. I watched nervously as he laid out his equipment on the disposable tray liner – clamps, needles, jewellery, lube, bandages.

Then it was time. I lay back and looked up at the ceiling – note to piercers: try to make the ceilings above your piercing tables interesting, to give us something to concentrate on. The clamps went on to my left nipple, and it was cold. I did my deep breath in, let it out slowly, and the nipple pushed through. It felt hard, as if there was a lot of resistance against it. I think I may have cursed, but I'm not sure. I was certainly surprised by the level of pain my supposedly insensitive nipple was able to feel.

I took a few more deep breaths, then nodded to Mark to continue. I always feel there's no point in waiting too long between piercings, as I don't want to chicken out, or let the endorphins wear off. Clamp on, needle into position, breathe out, and crackle! The needle pushes its way through the layers of my nipple. It hurt again, I don't know if it was more or less intense than the first one, but I certainly felt it.

I sat up, rather shakily, and looked at my newly shiny nipples in the mirror. I was very happy indeed with the result – my nipples were no longer just an addition to my breasts, they were an appendage in their own right, and finally worth noticing!

I was bleeding a little from the second one, so Mark mopped me up with a cotton bud. He then put some cotton bandages over nipples, to help protect them from the cold air outside. I paid, tipped, and then went to buy a Hallowe'en costume for the LGBT costume party that evening. I ended up going as a naughty nun, but I kept my naughtiest new additions a secret from everyone except my roommate that night. Manoeuvring in a crowded club is tricky with ultra-sensitive nipples – I developed a strange-looking but effective method of using my arm as a shield which did the trick for most of the night.

At the beginning, based on the pain I experienced while they were being pierced, and then from their sensitivity to temperature, I assumed that I had accessed the nerves within that would allow them to be used in foreplay, but unfortunately they are still almost as inert as ever. They do feel pain more readily, but are somehow immune to pleasurable feelings. I don't mind too much though. I really like how they look on me, and I've started to really appreciate my breasts since I had them pierced.

Of all my piercings, I think these would be the ones I'd be most likely to retire if I had to, as they freak my boyfriend out a bit – he doesn't like how they very obviously go through my nipples. However, I don't think I'll be retiring them any time soon – I really like my functionless yet decorative nipple jewellery.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Mark
Studio: V+Piercings
Location: Dublin%2C+Ireland

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