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40 Married guy gets nipple pierced

I want to share my experience of getting my nipple pierced. I may not be one of your regular posters, as I am a professional married guy with children, that you would never think about having a piercing, let alone a nipple.

I have been thinking of a tattoo for a long time, but not sure of how the stigma of having something in public would be...not so much for me and my wife, but more of my family and what they would think. But the thought of body modification really was a turn on.

One day while having sex with my wife, she decided to play with my nipples. She really never had done it before, and I know from my masturbatory play, that they really didn't come too sensitive. Man, was this experience different. She was sucking and biting, and it was intense. The next day I mentioned how much of a turn on it was that I said that I wanted to get my nipple pierced. Being a very conservative kind of guy, she said yeah right.

I looked online, watched You Tube videos to find out more about it, as I was so concerned about the pain. I saw that the people getting them really didn't seem to be in much pain, so I said this is something that I can do.

I contacted the local tattoo place that I pass all the time, and found out when their piercer would be there. I went in; feeling awkward as a 40 year man, but this is what I wanted. They brought me to a clean area, and totally relaxed me. I stated that I wanted to have forceps to be used, since I thought it would provide a straighter line. I also wanted to have an open loop, which they recommended against since it could easily get caught on clothing; I agreed and planned to go with a 14 gauge closed loop.

I was standing and the piercer measured me out, marked me up and then had me lay on the table. I was nervous and anxious at the same time. It was just like watching the videos again. He cleaned my left nipple and got me ready. He placed the forceps on me, and I started to really get excited. He told me to breathe in and out, totally relaxed and on the third exhale, I was done. The pain was slight, but an incredible head rush. To really be honest, it didn't hurt, but was like being stung. The pain was more pressure, and lasted only a short time.

He then finished me up and I must say that looking at my piercing makes me very excited. What I love is that my wife totally loves it too. Granted we have decided that the kids shouldn't see it, I am very proud of it, and would love to get the second done, but I don't think that will happen. I am a bit scared come summer (I live in the south) and hope that it will heal that I can take it out for some time and re-insert later in the day. I don't want it to close up, so making sure that it does heal properly.

I clean it every day, using wound wash saline, and cotton gauze. I try not to play with it, as I really want it to heal well. I am waiting for the time in a few months where I can go up to a 12 gauge. I know I want it bigger, but not all that big. I do love when I can feel it through my shirt, and wonder if anyone can actually see it. I am a professional at work and wear t-shirts under my dress clothing. I hope that sometimes that it can be seen, and very proud of it. Since it is so uncharacteristic for me, it makes me excited about it.

It's great to know I have it and a total turn on for my wife and me. Our sex has been great since it has been done. She has my right nipple that she will suck and play with, while I get to touch the left one and feel it. It has made my nipple incredibly sensitive, and it is a bit larger than the other one. I don't know how to describe the feeling of it, but it is truly a total turn on for me.

So you married guys out there, go for it. You won't regret it. Just think of the fun that you can bring into your marriage by having something to share with your spouse. I have spoken to a few of my married guys that I know from the gym and they were so jealous that I actually did it...two of them actually went to get it done too. They were so happy they did!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Nipple Piercing

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