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Painful but worth it.

Did it hurt you ask? Hell yes! Was it worth it though? Absolutely, without a doubt.

I made the decision to get both my nipples pierced for two reasons. The first being the obvious one, they just look real good and the second reason is that I've never had very sensitive nipples and hoped this may increase sensation for me. Has it worked out? Well yes and no.

I made the journey into the piercing studio a little over two months ago all nervous anticipation and sweaty palms, though not my first piercing I was very anxious as I'd heard so many differing experiences and didn't really know what to expect. I hadn't yet decided on the placement of the piercing but I knew I wanted bars and not rings as the thought of getting rings caught on clothing caused winced expressions and convulsing shivers. So after some discussion, perusing of photos and lots of patient listening and advice from Todd (the piercer) I decided on a horizontal placement just for the sheer diversity and the fact that I new it would look good on me (yes, yes I was playing it safe).

So into the piercing room and off with my t-shirt to be marked up. Two little dots were carefully placed either side of my nipple and I was asked to check them out, after a few adjustments I was happy with the placement and laid down on the table to finally be pierced. Its wonderful that so much care and attention, not to mention sanitizing, goes into a piercing but at the same time it is a great opportunity to build up nerves so when I did finally lay down in the cold room I was sweating like it was a 40 degree day! The last thing I saw was all the piercing needles and equipment laid out in a row before I looked away and let Todd do his thing, in this regard, for me anyway, ignorance is bliss.

I think I may have already mentioned that it hurt, it hurt a lot. I believe I may have sworn a little and moaned in pain. Frankly I'm surprised I didn't jump off the table and run screaming from the room, apparently my nipples are sensitive! Of course the beautiful thing about it is that the pain is so quickly over and the insertion of the jewellery was a piece of cake, hardly felt it. I do remember thinking 'Shit, I have to do this with the other one as well, maybe I should back out' but for some reason I thought the other one could not possibly be as bad as the first! Right? Yeah.....right. Basically it went pretty much as the first but the needle came out too deep so some adjusting was done in between deep breaths and swearing. As a result the insertion of the jewellery was a little uncomfortable but I was just relieved to have the piercing completed and eager for a look-see.

And yes they looked real good! I was so happy with them, they were straight and shiny and did I mention that I liked the way they looked? I was surprised to see blood though I'm not sure why, perhaps because none of my other piercing have bled, but they felt fine apart from the usual weirdness of a new piercing. So I put on my bra and padded it with some gauze as Todd told me all about the aftercare, to be honest I didn't hear a word he said as I was still reeling from the whole experience. I had planned to do a spot of shopping afterwards but I felt a little vulnerable so decided to head home and stare at them in the mirror.

The following days were filled with sea-salt soaks, ibuprofen and general healthy goodness, though none of this seemed to help the swelling, especially on the right nipple (the one with the piercing trouble). I had heard that a tight bra helps but to be honest this just seemed to squish my always erect nipples at odd angles, I found that an ordinary fitting bra was best and I wore one day and night for the first month. It was a little uncomfortable wearing a bra at night but it was worth it as any loose fabric over my nipples would have been hell as, yes, they were very, very sensitive! Everytime I got a little cold or aroused and my nipples went erect it was almost unbearable. It was a nice sensation to start with but would always end up on the unpleasant side as my senses were overloaded. This lasted for the first two weeks and now two months down the track, my nipples feel as they did sensation-wise before the piercing, though I haven't yet touched them apart from cleaning.

For almost a month my nipples were lymph free but now I wake up with 'gunk' (gross but true) on them everyday and hope that this stops soon as its not the best look but obviously part of the healing process. I'm still doing salt-soaks every other day as they need a good clean but I can now sleep without a bra and even on my stomach, hooray!

So I have my good-looking piercings and am even surprised at how positive they make me feel about my body in general but am yet to test out my sensitivity theory.

Hears hoping.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Todd
Studio: Piercing+Urge
Location: Melbourne%2C+Australia

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