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My nipple piercing

I never thought that I would get my nipples pierced. It had been suggested to me before by a couple old boyfriends who were into piercings, and by my friend when I explained that I didn't want to get a piercing on my face. I joked around about maybe getting it done, but I never dared went though with it. It just sounded too painful. Recently after having a rough couple of months, I was for some sort of change, and I thought about seriously getting it done. I couldn't seem to get it out of my mind I got more and more excited about the prospect of having a naughty secret. Before I knew it, I started to imagine what the piercings would look like on me and I knew that there was no turning back. So finally, I decided to go get it done.

I spent about a week researching nipple piercings online. I read about how to clean them, salt soaks, keeping them from getting infected, etc. I also read about the proper placement, and how they shouldn't be too deep or shallow. I decided before I got the piercing that I would probably need a 14g ring. I was afraid a 16g would be rejected, but I also have small nipples and I thought a 12g would be large. After reading about nipple piercings, pros and cons, etc, I was ready to be pierced.

I wasn't very nervous when I walked into the tattoo shop. I had never been in one before, but Ink Links had been recommended to me by several people that had body piercings, so I knew that they must be pretty good. I had checked out their site on the web and knew the name of their piercer. The lobby looked clean and I was greeted by Liz, the piercer, who was really nice and professional. I explained to her that I would like my nipples pierced and she checked my id, and then I filled out a few sheets of paperwork. Liz then let me pick out what type of jewelry I wanted, and told me that a 14g would be best. Like I had thought, she later told me that a 12g would have been too big for my nipples. I chose a pair of green CBRs, I paid my $30, and Liz led me to the piercing room.

The room was clean and I sat down on the chair as Liz got ready to pierce me. First she wiped down the table and laid down some paper towels. After putting on gloves, she took out two new needles, opened the packages, and then wiped them down. Next she cleaned off the jewelry and got a fresh cork out, along with a toothpick and some ink to mark my nipples.

I took off my shirt and Liz cleaned my nipples off, then marked me. It looked perfect, not too shallow and not too deep. Around this time I started to get extremely nervous, and Liz was very patient with me and gave me a minute to work up the courage to tell her I was ready. Finally I decided it was now or never, and I gave Liz the okay. I had my eyes closed the entire time and didn't dare look, but I definitely whimpered when the needle went through my nipple (the piercing was done free-hand). The actual jewelry going through hurt just about as bad as the piercing, if not more. Liz wiped my nipple off and gave me a minute before doing the next one.

I thought I knew what to expect on the second nipple. However, this one hurt worse and I screamed and cussed as the needle went through me. The pain was nearly unbearable. After putting in the CBR, Liz wiped my nipple off again, and let me relax for a minute. She gave me a care sheet, and explained how to take care of my nipples, how long it would take to heal, and said that I could come back in a few weeks and she would look at them and see how they were healing. I thanked her and went on my way.

For the first day, my nipples were unbelievably painful, and I was close to taking the piercings out. I stuck through it though, and after the first day the pain went away. It helped me to sleep with a sports bra on at night, if for no other reason then to keep the piercings from catching on anything. There is still a little bit of blood when I clean them, but they are only a few days old and I expected it. I've been soaking them in a sea salt solution (a pinch of sea salt in a shot glass filled with warm water) and they look good. I love them already and can't wait till they heal. I'm still so glad that I went though with it, and I would recommend them to anyone!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Liz+White
Studio: Ink+Links
Location: NC

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