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My Lovely 51 Year Old Pierced Nipples – One Year Later

One year ago, in August 2006, I decided to get my nipples pierced. That story is on this website—I wrote it about three weeks after the piercings were done. One year later, they are still pierced and I still love them!

Healing-wise, I didn't have any problems at all. I was extremely diligent about aftercare—I washed them with anti-bacterial soap for at least a month. I also did sea salt soaks for ages. I found the soaks soothing and figured they could only help, so why not continue?

I have noticed that the left nipple is more tender than the right. There have been times I have had to ask my husband to play a little less vigorously with the left one. But thinking back, I think the left nipple was more tender when I was breastfeeding, too. Maybe it is just something about that side.

A few months ago, I realized that I was not the type of person to be switching my jewelry in and out. Since I prefer gold jewelry to silver, I decided to invest in some good quality gold rings with the intention of wearing them all the time.

I called around to a few shops in town. The first thing I learned was that no one keeps gold jewelry in stock. It is all special order. The second thing was that lots of shops have been stiffed on special orders and seemed to be reluctant to order anything for me. Finally, I asked Dana at Pins & Needles (the shop where my piercing had been done last year), "If I get jewelry on my own, will you put it in for me?" Oh sure, he said. No problem with that.

I turned to the Internet. After searching through a number of different sites, I decided that Tribalectic had the widest assortment of 14 karat and 18 karat gold jewelry.

My next dilemma—what to get? My original piercing, which I had been wearing for a year, was a 14 ga CBR. New jewelry—barbell? Straight bar? Horseshoe? I finally decided I really liked the look of rings and wanted to stay with that. Then, my next question, size. A bigger gauge? A larger diameter ring? Who to ask?

I finally decided to call Tribalectic and I am glad I did. I spoke with Drew who was very helpful. We discussed 12 ga versus 14 ga and he said that in reality, there really is not a lot of difference in the way the difference gauges appear in your nipple. I decided to stay with 14 ga. Then size—my original ring was ½ inch in diameter. I wanted something larger and Drew advised 5/8 inch. While that didn't seem to be much bigger, Drew thought I would notice the difference. He pointed out that I planned to wear them all the time—something too large would have the potential to get caught on clothing which was a good point.

In the end, I selected a 14 ga, 5/8" 14 karat smooth gold ring—no captive bead. It has a little section that pops out and is held in place by pressure—same principle as a captive bead, without the bead. I ordered the rings and a few weeks later they arrived, each ring in its own individual sterilized pouch.

When it arrived I looked at the packet, looked at my nipple and wondered, "Can I do this myself?" I decided to let a professional tackle the job and off I went to Pins & Needles.

The place was hopping—lots of people getting tattoos. Dana remembered me from our phone conversation. As before, he pulled the shade and put up a screen for privacy. He seemed impressed that the rings were in sterile packets! He set up his tray with a paper towel and some antibiotic ointment. He was familiar with the mechanism of the ring although his apprentice was not.

I sat in the chair. He quickly opened the old rings and removed them. Then, he smeared a small bit of ointment on the end of the new ring. He inserted the ring on the right side first. He moved slowly and it took a second to find the exit hole. Once he did, he held the ring with his pliers and snapped the little piece in place.

Then the left side. This one seemed a little harder to get the ring through and felt tender. Dana commented that that is often the case. But he was very gentle and in a few seconds it was in and closed up.

There was no charge. Thank you, Dana!

In the end, I was very glad I had gone to a professional and not tried to do it myself (or have my husband do it). Also, Drew's advice about size was good. Given that going with the same gauge hurt a little bit, I think 12 ga might have hurt a lot. Diameter—5/8 inch does look bigger—but not too big. All in all, I appreciated Drew's advice and I am happy with my selection.

One last point: I am due for my annual mammogram. I have been debating whether or not to take them out before the procedure is done. After today, knowing that I would probably not be able to take them out and reinsert myself, I have decided to leave them in. I'll just explain to the technician that my piercings are important to me. Besides, with the beautiful gold rings I have now, she'll probably be jealous!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dana
Studio: Pins+%26+Needles
Location: Portland%2C+ME

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