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My first nipple piercing

Dear BME,

my name is Julia and I am from Slovakia. I am a 26 years old girl who likes to try new things.

I would like to describe my first experience with nipple piercing. I already have my ears pierced (5 holes altogether) as well as my tongue. I was also considering having my navel pierced, but did not find the time yet. It is sexy, but today nearly everybody has this. It is almost a must. My longtime boyfriend got somehow obsessed with piercings and tattoos, and we spent hours together looking on pictures of various motives for tattoos and piercings. He often asked if I did not want to have my breasts or my pussy done, but I always said no. I liked how they looked like, I was even aroused by the girls on the pictures and the thought of having something like that, but I thought it would be too painful for me. Simply said, I was afraid to have my most sensitive parts of the body pierced. At least once per week he told me how beautiful and sexy I would look like with a "private" piercing but I kept on saying NO. :-/

It was in the time when he used to have long hair, like the typical death-metal freak. I kept on asking him to cut that hair with the same frequency as he came to me with the piercing question. We've been together for like 6 years and I wanted to see him with short hair for the first time. One day we were drinking a bit and he came with the offer, that he would shave his hair if I did that piercing. I didn't have the balls for a pussy piercing,so I promised him to have my left nipple pierced on the day he cuts his hair.  

Of course he shaved his hair the next weekend... So the next possible day we went to the downtown piercing studio. I was happy to see a girl doing the piercing, I think I would have felt a bit uncomfortable in front o a man. Well, I told her what I wanted and she lead us to the back room. I stripped down and lied myself on the seat. I got a bit nervous as the girl cleaned my nipple with some sanitary fluid. As she took out the needle I had to look somewhere else or close my eyes, I don't even know. I have seen the piercing process on pictures, because my nasty boyfriend brought a camera and was taking pictures of the whole thing. I just remember the girl counting to 3 and then a short moment of intense pain, that shook my body. As I opened my eyes, the ring was already inserted and I was ready to go. I got some instructions concerning the cleaning and stuff and went home.

The healing lasted about two and half weeks and was very smooth. The nipple did not swell too much and did not hurt either. Now, after 2 months it is just beautiful. My boyfriend keeps on touching, biting and pulling on it with his teeth all day long, and it arouses me very much. I get much more intense feelings when playing with the pierced nipple as with the other. And I love the attention that I get on the beach, when I am topless or in my transparent WW-bikini. One of my friends asked me a lot about my nipple-piercing as we were together on the beach and she looked very interested. She is probably going to have one done too in the close future.

The piercing brought a bit of a new spice into our life and it showed me new dimensions of decorating my body. In the 2 months since I got it I bought 4 various rings and other jewelry. Now I am thinking about buying a nipple shield, but I think it will be nicer when I have both my nipples done.

And because it did not hurt too much and healed without problems, I am thinking about another piercing. I am sure that I will have my other nipple pierced some time, but now I am even considering a piercing on my pussy lips. I became very attracted to piercings and want more of them. My inner labia are probably too small for a piercing, but my outer are pretty fleshy. That' s also why I am surfing the BME-site, to choose one of the multiple possibilities of pussy-piercing. It is all so exciting, to see how many women have their private parts decorated in so many ways. Each one is special.

I am a bit shy to send you pictures yet, but I will write a story about my next piercing, you can be sure.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Location: Bratislava%2C+Slovakia

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