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My experience getting my nipples pierced.

Around three months ago, after a long mental battle over deciding wether to get my nipples pierced, I finally decided to get go to a shop and get it done. This being my first piercing at a shop, instead of the jewelry shop I went to to get my ears pierced, twice, with a gun (I know, horrible), I did not know what to expect. Also, with a personal piercing like the nipples, I was a little nervous. When I got to the shop I walked in and of course asked the piercer for an estimate for the piercings and after he told me a reasonable price, I asked about the procedure. He was very comforting and reassuring and told me that for many people, nipple piercings give them an extra boost of confidence. With the mention of that, I was sold.

Once the decision was made the piercer showed me around the piercing area and told me about the proper way to pierce nipples. He also showed me the sanitization tools he had. He had individually sterilized needles in sterile packages. The jewelry he used was surgical implant grade. He also showed me his piercing license.

The Procedure: By this time, I decided I wanted horizontal nipple piercings and I wanted them pierced at 16 g. I lowered my tank top and he examined my breasts. I was a little worried about nipple piercings because my nipples go flat when flaccid. He said it would go fine and we proceeded. He cleaned my nipples and got the first needle out if its package. He first pierced the left nipple. He put the jewelry in and continued. He cleaned the right nipple and got the second needle out of its package. He pierced the right nipple and put the jewelry in. He gave me the instructions on how to clean my new piercings and he gave me situations that I should come back to the shop for if I saw them.

The Pain: I was really scared about the pain, considering how sensitive the nipple is. In my opinion the second piercing was worse than the first. The first for some reason was more like a pinch. The second was rather painful. I'm glad this was the case, because if the first would have been as painful as the second, I would not have done the second.

The After Care: I followed the after care procedure, including sea salt soaks and washing with the soap he gave me. So far they have healed rather well but are not finished healing.

I really like my piercings, they have healed rather well. They are horizontal and they are very straight. They really have given me new self confidence and I love showing them off to friends and a little more than friends. ( Wink, wink). I found the piercings do make my nipples more sensitve. I plan on going back to my piercer to get my nipples stretched. I plan on going to a 12 g. I don't know how long I will keep these piercings but I know if I decide to take them out, they will not be repierced. I want to be able to breast feed when I am a mother and I do not want to hinder my ability of that in the future.

As for the nipple piercings helping my sex life, I have not noticed much of a difference except that my nipples are more sensitive.

I also find my nipple piercings a good ice breaker in conversation and busting into a flirting spree. It is fun to aggressively flirt by revealing the fact I have both nipples pierced. I think it tells them that I am fun, and obviously more aggressive than other women.

My friends responded to my piercings very well because, they too, are interested in body modifications and many of them have various different piercings.

My parents aren't extremely happy about my piercings, but I am old enough and I paid for it on my own.

I got my nipples pierced because I felt it would boost my self confidence, allow me to have a (not so secret) secret, and because I feel nipple piercings are fun piercings. I had a very good experience and I will defiantly go to the same piercer for other piercings. I am excited to add on to these piercings and submerge myself deeper into the body modification community.

Tips I have for the body conscious who want nipple piercings. I recommend asking your piercer about it. Chances are he / she knows exactly what he / she is doing. Most likely they will comfort you and tell you, you're not the only one who has been body shy. That was my experience about getting my nipples pierced and the healing process.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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