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A vertical piercing of a damaged nipple

Let me start by saying that one should learn by their mistakes. This being said I feel that when it comes to body mods you can do much better by learning from someone elses.

I started out not knowing anything about finding a shop that would do an excellent job. I looked in the yellow pages of a nearby city and went to a shop to scout the place. To say that I was not thrilled would be an honest observation. The next shop was very clean, but they did not do genital piercings, at the time I wanted a P.A. I called another shop and they did that piercing, but went out of business. The next shop was called the best place to be pierced in the local paper. What I did not know was that it got that review with the prior owner.

With this limited knowledge I went to this shop and talked with the piercer. A week later I went back and had my Prince piercing. When I got home I jumped into the shower and cleaned up. When I toweled off and looked at the piercing it looked nothing like the placement that I had seen on the sites. I removed the jewelry and the hole healed.

I have since had that redone by someone that knew how to pierce the P.A.

But I digress from the nipple piercing. My wife wanted her nipples pierced and I read a lot of experiences from women who had their nipples pierced. One of the women had hers done at a shop fairly close, so I asked her if she could relate her view of the shop and the woman who did the piercing. She said that the shop and the woman piercer were both A-1. With this I went to the shop and talked to the woman. When I left I knew that this was the place that would do the wife's piercing.

Getting back to me, I had my right nipple pierced prior to this, but the area that the shop was in would not have thrilled my wife and they would not do my left nipple as they thought that it would not stay.

Mandi at Liberty Tattoo is where I went to have my nipple looked at to see if it could be done. She had just opened another shop Liberty Tat2 in Antioch, Il and I went there on Friday. Mandi checked the nipple and rechecked it and then said lift your shirt up again and said that she could do it vertical with 16 gauge. Then she had me lift my shirt again and rechecked it again. At this time she did not have the jewelry autoclaved and did not have the time to do the piercing so she asked if I could come back on Sunday at 11 am when the shop opened.

Sunday I arrived at the shop a little early and had to wait for a little while for them to get the shop opened. I then filled out the paper work, payed and went into the piercing room. Mandi knows that I am familiar with the piercing procedure and the after care. I also trust her to get the placement correct. She cleaned the area, had me stand to mark the nipple and then had me go over to a mirror to show me the placement to see if it was what I wanted. It was then up on to the table and she explained that she was going to put the clamp on the nipple and for me to take a deep breath and hold it and when she told me to release it to slowly breath out through my mouth while she pierced the nipple. She then told me to take in a deep breath and hold it . She said that I would feel a slight pinch as she positioned the needle in the first mark. She then had me release the breath and the needle was through. I also had been told that there would probably be more bleeding than normal, which did not happen, due to using a 15g needle so that the external threaded barbell would go through with the threads in the needle rather than rasping through the piercing. I have a high pain tolerance so to me this piercing did not hurt like most people say, and I was ready to sit up as soon as the beads were screwed on. Mandi then had me look at the placement and explained all of the aftercare instructions.

We chatted for a time about getting my right nipple re-pierced vertical, and then she gave me a big hug and I was out the door and on my way home with my new toy.

For anyone reading this who is thinking about getting anything pierced do not be like me, fresh off the pickle boat, but research the area for a shop. If you can find experiences written by someone close by email them and ask them of their take on the shop that they were at. Take my word for this, if you are close to Liberty Tat2 drop in and talk to Mandi about what you want done as you will not finds a better experience anywhere.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Mandi
Studio: Liberty+Tat2
Location: Antioch%2C+Il

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