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I just had both nipples pierced yesterday. This was my first piercing(s) and was really looking forward to doing something that was different and expressive. I have two tattoos, but I feel that those are now becoming a lot more commonplace and have found their place in society. Piercings seem to still be, at least to me, on the rebellious side (aside from the standard ear piercings) and thats kind of what appealled to me along with I sort of have an occassional need for pain. I did it completely on a whim and impulse. Well, actually, I had been thinking that I wanted to do it for about six or seven months now but never thought I would actually go through with the procedure. The thought entered my head along with a girl friends of mine one day after class at USC. We were on our way to get it done when she chickened out and ever since then the thought had haunted me. I had a buddy of mine go with me mainly for just the company. On the way I was never really nervous nor did I really have any second thoughts about doing it. Once I was in the car on the way, there was no turning back.

I arrived at Knotty Headz in Columbia, SC and was immediately bombarded by the attendants. Even after I told them I just wanted my nipples pierced one at a time, they tried to talk me into getting more pierced and this and that. I understand it is a business, but they were completely overtly pushy. Along with their pushiness, they were completely unaccomodating and unhospitable. My first thought about doing this was it was going to be similar to my first tattoo experience; extremely memorable and surrounded by cool people and awesome music. This was completely the contrary.

The time came to have the procedure done, and I had them done simultaneously to just get it over with. I wanted them done at the same time, but was five dollars short of the forty five dollar charge and they would not even entertain the idea of letting it slide. The pain was not in the piercing rather the clamps, and the piercers did nothing to ease the discomfort, and in fact, they didnt even tell me when they were going to perform the piercing. It was more or less, "Are you ready?" before I had time to even say "yes" my nipples were pierced.

Along with the less than satisfactory service and experience, they gave me little information on how to help heal my piercing and keeping it clean. All of my information came from the internet and other friends that had already had it done.

As of right now, I just have the two barbells in there and plan on just having something basic afterwards even when im able to switch these out. Although I am rebellious in my actions, I still like to maintain a bit of conservity (dont know if thats a word) and simplicity. The barbells are really simple yet I love they way they look. I cant see myself with anything extravagent like shields or even hoops (I do like them on other people, its just a personal preference on what i think looks good on me).

I am happy with the results, although my left one is a little off kilter, but the service and the experience left something to be desired. If you are in the Columbia area, I highly recommend that you research surrounding parlors before resorting to visiting Knotty Headz on S. Beltline.

Although I like my piercings and most of my friends like my piercings, there are a select few who say it is ridiculous or a "fag tag" as my girlfriend said, but you have to remember who you are doing this for...yourself. I have no regrets other than putting in more research to find different parlors and prices and what each establishment had to offer as far as staff and experience. I cant see myself getting anymore piercings any time soon as I like to inconspicuous with my body modifications (nipple piercings, tattoo in center of back and on the inside of my right bicep) for social and personal reasons. I am happy with the ending and dont plan on taking them out in the near future. No matter what they say, most chicks like them. They love playing with them, and even if they dont like them, they still love to play with them and ask about them. Also, if they dont like them, they still like the fact that the guy isnt afraid to not conform. Girls always dig the bad guy. It is always a topic of conversation at any beach or pool. If anyone is thinking about it, do it. Unlike a tattoo, you can take it out at any point if you second guess your decision.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Dont+Know
Studio: Knotty+Headz
Location: Columbia%2C+SC

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