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My first piercing ever besides ears and I opt for nipples

I had been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while and a couple of people I knew were very willing for me to have it done, in fact one was so willing that he offered to pay for it and well now, how can I refuse an offer like that? Look a gift horse in the mouth no, of course not.

It was close to my 30th birthday and I guess I wanted to do something radical because up till then I was while not conservative, just not the most physically or publicly demonstrative person around. The first day we went it was a Thursday, I went, met my friend and off we went eagerly to get me pierced. When we got there we were greeted by handwritten sign on the wall saying: Closed until Friday, sorry for any inconvenience caused. I was crushed, devastated, disappointed, I could have cried. You know how excited I was to be going and then to have that happen sigh. Okay so it was Thursday and it meant I only had to wait a day but still, its the thought. To make up for it we went and had some marvelous curry though.

The next day, Friday, I called to make sure that they were there and made an appointment for 3 pm. I left work early and went to meet my friend and off we went to The Tattoo Farm in Maraval, to get me pierced. I was calm on the drive there, after my disappointment my day before I was not expecting anything. We got there a little before 3 and I only then did I get excited, I was almost bouncing. When we got to the shop we were actually one of the first people there so there was a lot of privacy, even though this was to be done behind a curtain.
Gus (the piercer) prepared me and made sure he drew the lines of reference very straight. It was all professionally done of course, autoclave and gloves and everything. He made me lie down and told me to close my eyes and breathe deeply and normally. First he clamped my left nipple and then I felt him push the needle (my eyes were closed I am assuming it was a needle) through and then the ring. I opted for stainless steel barbell ends, (they only used PTFE there as it was supposed to be safer and promote faster healing) as opposed to the metal rings. After he pierced the first nipple he asked me if I drank a lot which confused me as I cannot really drink to save my life, after one drink I tend to slur my words, two drinks and I am ready for bed. I asked why and he replied it was because I was bleeding a lot, I looked down and I was really bleeding quite a bit, he told me not to worry some people just have thin blood. He then did the other side, now this was a totally different experience from the first, I could actually feel the ripping and tearing as the piercing instrument went it and it hurt more than the left did, but it hardly bled at all.

I was so happy after I could not stop jumping up and down in the shop for joy, I think a pogo stick would have suited the occasion. I was so very happy. It did not hurt even 1/16 as much as I thought it would, I knew one day being a masochist would come in handy.

On the drive home, the right nipple that was apparently in shock decided to bleed, luckily I had a light bandage on it or my shirt would have been very bloody. All in all it was a wonderful experience and they only hurt slightly for an hour afterwards, oh yes and when I had my shower they hurt when I had to clean them afterwards. I am so happy you should see the grin on my face. I am such a big child, would you believe I was turning 30 the next Sunday.

I took care of them exactly the way I was instructed too, I even compared different piercing sites to see whether or not there was something more I could have done differently to have them heal. They got infected about twice and I had to go on antibiotics for it. They got better for a while and then after and then the seepage and the crusting were back and more frustrating than ever. My boyfriend was not happy because there was the hands off approach for him and this lasted for almost two years, which you have to admit was a hell of a long time for him to wait to play with the toys again. Damn that boy has patience.

In the end I took them out, my mother was very sick and as she never approved of the piercings I thought it would be a happy thing to tell her while she was in her hospital bed and who knows a part of my warped mind hoped that it would encourage her to get better sooner. She did not though and died less than a week after the piercings came out.

I keep wondering if I should go and have them redone, who knows maybe one day. They looked great I just wish they had healed properly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Gus
Studio: Tattoo+Farm
Location: Trinidad+and+Tobago

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