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Happy Birthday Nipples

I had wanted something pierced since I had my tongue ring but did not know what. I thought of getting a bellybutton piercing but then I thought I needed to lose a lot of weight for that one. Then I started dating a wonderful modded guy and came to the conclusion that I wanted nipple piercings. Now I am one of those people who make an event out of most things, or finds an event to fit things into and my nipple piercings were no different. We decided that these piercings would be my birthday present from my boyfriend and decided on a date with my piercer (after my actual birth date so that I wouldn't worry about them).

So, along came the 18th of November 2006, bright and sunny Saturday morning and it turned out that my boyfriend had to walk a tourist up table mountain, so I got another wonderful friend of mine, IAM.PrettyHateMachine to come hold my hand. She also took the pictures that can be found on my page. So I put on my padded bra (advice I got from IAM.PrettyHateMachine), I got something for breakfast (at the last minute because I clean forgot I had to eat before having a piercing done) and headed out to my piercer as early as possible (apparently too early as I sat in the shop waiting for him to finish sterilizing clamps and waiting for my friend to get up, get dressed and get there) so that I could get them done before the Saturday rush. My piercer, knowing me well, calmed me down with random chatter and a bit of gossip (I know he hates the gossip so he was probably doing it so I could take my mind off what I was just about to do) as we waited for my friend to arrive.

She did, so we went into his little piercing room, I chose my jewellery, black bars with silver balls. The working surfaces were cleaned and sterilised, as were the bars and balls and I was told to take my top off. I had decided that I wanted to be different, I actually don't like doing things the usual way and prefer novelty things. So after some discussion with my piercer we agreed on doing them diagonally with my body lines (pointing to my belly button). So he drew the lines and made the dots and handed me a piece, 1 piece of kitchen towel...I am not a small girl and my breasts are not small either, 1 piece of kitchen towel covered 1 breast, which lead to many giggles as I was handed another piece.

We went through the breathing technique and I was ready to go. I decided to do both at the same time so that they would both heal in 1 year rather then having to wait too long. When it came down to it, after being warned, the clamp didn't hurt at all and contrary to what ever one else told me, the piercing hurt much more then the clamp! My breathing technique didn't quit go as practiced, instead of a long deep in and a long deep out, It was more like I was blowing up a really tiny balloon. The second piercing it didn't hurt as much, I guess because the endorphins from the first started kicking in. I did have a little childlike voice in my head deciding that it was enough and the pain can stop now, but I did realize it was part of the fun. There was no bleeding (although the kitchen towel he had put in my bra had a little bit of blood on it later when I took it out), this was apparently because he used a very small gauge to pierce and then stretched it up to fit the bars.

I was then handed to pieces of kitchen towel to stuff in my already padded bra, put my top back on and lead to the main waiting room. I was then handed a lollipop and told to sit still for a few minutes. I was given kosher salt and instructions on how to keep my piercings clean and happy. No abrasives, only use soft soaps with no heavy detergents in them, NEVER use kitchen towel that has been in the kitchen on them, cotton wool gets stuck inside piercings...not a good idea, NO PLAYING for a week. 9 months gone and they are looking wonderful.

I had a few, apparently normal, problems along the way which were sorted out with a bit of extra aftercare advice (like using toothpaste on a piercing that a little weepy) and lots of gentle loving care. I am considering stretching them up a little some time soon.

Now...what do I do this year?


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on: 22 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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