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Wait. We're Doing This Now?

Wow. All I have to say is wow. I was actually in a state of shock when I went to get this done. So, I'll just enlighten you right now.

So. July 23 was my 18th birthday. That day wasn't all that peachy because my cake was ugly and my 20-year old sister who is back from college was pissing me off. So around 4 o'clock I left to go hang out with my friends at their house. Then my boyfriend (Noah) came so we could chill at another friends house. Blah. I ended up going back home to collect some sleepover stuff and my cake. I was to have my birthday party at my friends new apartment. Sweet. Now it's July 24 at 300PM, I was getting ready to leave. But before I left her apartment me and 3 others were talking about my birthday gift. Noah said that I should get my nipples done since I wanted it for so long. He suggested that we do it today. I was like, "I'm doing it this weekend with my sister." Then they insisted that I wasn't going to do it. And then my boyfriend said, "Yup, you're getting your nipples done today."

So on July 24 I went home and talked to my Mum about what happened. She wasn't that mad, just worried. I told her I was going out to eat with my boyfriend as a birthday gift. I didn't even know where we were going to eat so I just said Taste of India. Since I was getting pierced today I wore a leotard and bra with a button up shirt. Easy access and maybe it'd be comfortable afterwards. When my boyfriend picked me up he was acting weird. I questioned him and he didn't budge. So I called my friend Marni to go with my to get pierced. She didn't answer so we went to her apartment to pick her up. Then we go to Skin Arte.

OH NO. We didn't go in for a while but then I just said let's go in so there isn't a huge line of people. Skin Arte in Savannah is a very popular tattoo and piercing place to go. Noah got a tattoo and was planning on getting another soon. So we went in and sat down. I was reading my JANE magazine and Marni and Noah were looking at hardcore piercing and tattoo magazines. I did paperwork then he said I would be next. I wasn't getting nervous, just weirded out that I was doing it. I was sweating, but that's normal. Haha. I was waiting on a lady to get her nose pierced. So 15 minute pass and he says he's ready for me.

Noah gave me a hug and said the ever-soothing "Aww" as I dragged my feet to get pierced. The piercer, Michael was nice. He told me to stand and take off my stuff so he could mark it. I wasn't nervous to show my boobs (34A) because I have gotten big-headed about them. Noah constantly says I have the perfect boobs. And once I take off my bra the piercer says that I have perfect nipples to pierce. YES. Anywho. He cleans and marks them and tells me to lay down. So I lay there with my chest exposed and me clamping down on my turquoise leotard. So there he came with his forceps. He told me I'd feel a pinch. I didn't really. Then I felt this tug then push. OMG. OW. Except for not really. The first one didn't hurt as much as I expected. I felt a pressure then it got heavy. Like there was a needle in it. I was shocked. He put in the CBR which was kind of uncomfortable. But the second one was hell. He told me the right nipple is easy to pierced and doesn't feel horrible. I told him, "I know this one is going to suck ass." He agreed and then he clamped my left nipple and in went the needle. That one was tougher to get for some reason. I squinted my left eye as it went in and then sighed a little. I'm not one for pain but I was uncomfortable for like 10 seconds and then it went away. I had one drop of blood out of my right nipple and nothing out of the left. Surprising. He put the CBR in and cleaned them. It didn't sting till the cool air touched them. He showed me in the mirror and they were perfectly aligned. I smiled and said, "Oh my God. Thanks a whole lot." We shook hands I put on my top with ease and took forever to button up. Noah looked at me in shock.

It wasn't bad. I didn't want to hug anyone too hard. I cringed whenever people wanted to hug me. One of my other friends had showed up and asked if I did it. I nodded. Marni wanted to see them so I got in the backseat of Noah's car and showed her my left one. It was cute! Then I showed my other friend Brian. They liked it a lot.

I went out to eat at the Bonefish Grill and then got candy and anti-bacterial soap and went home. I'm normally finicky when it comes to piercing and nipples. But I'm proud of myself.

I have a MySpace if you want to know more. I didn't even hit everything I wanted. I talk a lot.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Michael
Studio: Skin+Arte
Location: Savannah+Georgia

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