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My Left Nipple

Hey there ok just to introduce my self to you all, I am a 19 year girl and Im living in London at the moment but I had this piecing done when I was at the age of 17 and I was living in surrey.

Im very much into piercings and tattoos, how ever I would never get my face pierced due to work reasons and I was running out of areas to get pierced. I can not get obvious piercings as I am a manager of a resturant in London and it is very much frowned upon by the customers to have facial piercings let alone my boss and his partners. ( I would almost certainly lose my job which I can not afford to do and I have time in the future to experiment with these )

I was at work one day and I was looking on the internet and saw a nipple piercing. I read on a differnent web site that it can highten the sensitvity of your nipple now my nipples have never been overly sensitive so I thought I would give it a go. There really was nothing to lose if it didnt increase it at all then o well never had it in the first place so I would not have known the difference and if it did increase it even in the slightest then score one thing better ( if you know what I mean) ! But if I didnt do it I would never have known.

I went in to the tattoo shop on the saturday after the day at work as I was passing by just to have a quick look and to ask some quick questions about what would happen in the future about if I would be able to breast fed if I ever had children and so on and how much it would cost etc etc ... after talking for a about 10 - 15 minutes I decided to get it done then and there I was so excited after having this conversation in the shop that I decided that I just could not wait any longer then I had to wait and that was now (I have had every tattoo and piercing at the shop that i am talking about so I had an awful lot of trust in all of the staff there and it was not that spare of the moment that I didnt know about the shop and the staff first) I had another chat about the type of jewllery I wanted, which angle I wanted my nipple to be pierced at... I chose a straight bar that was made from titanium as I have an allergy to metals the straight bar was with two diamonds on the balls at the end as I love sparkly things and I chose to have it pierced horizontally as I could always add to it later on which I am prone to doing as I like to be individual with things like that.

I went in to the studio and the guy asked me if he would like me to be alone to take my top off....that thing never did bother me and I had already half done it by the time he finished asking me.

He then marked up the entry and exit hole asked if I liked the positioning the same in every piercing really.

When he put the clamp on my nipple I was shocked with the pain. The pain of the clamp was far worse then the needle its self...which in my opinon was not bad at all....not to what I had expected at least...and then in went the jewllery....I loved my new piercing straight away and it healed so quickly...and the I have the sensitive nipple that I never once had.

I loved it so much six months later I went and got the other one done by the same guy and I had the same results as before which I was really pleased with!

I reccomend having a peircing like this to any one male or female I think it is a really sexy piercing and has pros and cons....obviously I have explained the pros but some of the cons which i think you should also be aware of are catching it on clothes or in the shower you just have to get used to having something there like any piercing but this one was the most noticeable after wards to my self I mean with the way simple things like having a shower change afterwards!

Overall I love my peircing and dont regret any of them. I think that if you regret a piercing then you should never of had it in the first place.

tiger x x x x


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 05 Aug. 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: I+dont+remeber+his+name
Studio: Eternal+Tattoos
Location: Dorking%2C+Surrey

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