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My Long Awaited Nipple Rings

I have wanted to get my nipples pierced for a while but kept putting it off. I didn't want to get them one at a time but it was too expensive for me to get both of them at once. Luckily, I get my piercings at Infinite where they have a Frequent Client card. After four piercings, you get one free (minus jewelry). I had already saved up four piercings so I could get one nipple for free. My friend had saved up three piercings and was planning to get one more so she let me use her card to get the other nipple free. This saved me $50 which made it possible to get them both done at once.

My friend, her boyfriend and I all made our traditional pre-piercing stop at Johnny Rockets to get some dinner and then headed over to Infinite. The girl at the counter helped us out with our paperwork and picking jewelry. I opted for 12g barbells for mine because from what I have been told, barbells are easier especially if you have bigger boobs. My sister had circular barbells in her nipples when she first got pierced and she said that they moved around a lot and were uncomfortable a lot of the time. I treasure my boobs and I did not want to put them through any more abuse than what was necessary so barbells were an easy choice.

The Process For the actual piercings, the three of use headed into the room with Clay. My friend decided to get her piercing first so I sat back until she was done and then it was my turn. I had to be naked from the waist up so I quickly took off my two shirts and bra and handed everything off to my friend. I thought it was kind of awkward being topless in front of her boyfriend but I was very comfortable with Clay considering he had previously done my hood piercing.

I was very nervous about the piercing because my sister said that her nipples hurt worse than her hood piercing and I thought that was pretty painful. My heart starting racing as I imagined how bad it was going to be. Clay carefully marked up my nipples to make sure the piercing would be lined up right and then I sat down in the chair. He found the barbells that would be the right length for me and would leave some room to accommodate for swelling. He clamped my right nipple first and told me to take a few deep breaths. He pushed the needle in quickly and I was relieved that it didn't hurt nearly as much as my hood piercing. I started calming down immediately, no longer worried about getting the second one done. The second one had a little more resistance going through but was not much more painful than the first. My friends were impressed that I didn't even flinch for either hole. I got to check out my new accessories in the mirror and I was very pleased with the results. When I was done, Clay gave me some gauze to put in my bra and I got dressed and was ready to be on my way.

Aftercare I was surprised that my nipples didn't really hurt after the initial piercing. I was expecting to be in a ton of pain but it was really minimal. I cleaned them up that night and the next morning in the shower. That night I decided to give them a salt water soak before my shower. I was shocked to see that there was a lot of blood crusted on both of the barbells and in my bra. I soaked them in the salt water to loosen it and then cleaned them with soap in the shower. They have been fine since then. I do tend to bleed a lot with piercings so I was not too alarmed by some extra blood. Both of my nipples were slightly bruised where the needle exited. I have been doing my best to sleep on my back to reduce the abuse they get while I'm sleeping and so far that has been the worst part. I definitely found that wearing a bra is preferable for me because it keeps movement to a minimum so my piercings get less abuse.

Reactions My friend was very excited that I got them done so I would finally stop talking about how much I wanted them. My dad was my first family member to know because when he came to pick me up from school he jokingly asked me, "So, what'd you get pierced this time?" My mom was all excited about it and curious so I actually showed her and my grandmom and my younger sister. The funniest part was going to my gynecologist and freaking her out with my jewelry.

My nipple rings make me feel a lot more confident in myself. I never really liked my nipples very much and having them pierced makes me actually like them a lot and want to show them off. I can't wait until they are all healed and I can get some cute jewelry for them :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Clay+Wanstrath
Studio: Infinite+Body+Piercing
Location: 4th+and+South+St

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