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Learning to live with it!

Here's a bit of background... I'm 18, have had an interest in body modification for years, and currently have two navels, (top and bottom) a scaffold in my right ear, two in each lobe, (which I've retired but never seem to heal) and am part way through a (so far) beautiful lower back corset. But this is the tale of my spontaneous nipple which I got three days before Valentines...

It was pouring down with rain and I was sitting in a local tattoo studio watching as my friend Toni got her first tattoo on the base of her back. Both me and her had been going through some emotional turmoil and so I ended up tagging along. I'd been contemplating getting a new piercing for a while over the past months and sitting in that studio, taking photos for Toni's wonderfully sadistic mum and watching the local chavs squirm as they got rings put through lobes and eyebrows, the urge was finally too strong. I asked whether there was time to pierce my nipple. The small group of chavs who were about to leave looked at me as though I was from Mars. Nothing new there! Toni glanced at me with understanding and a big smile and offered to pay for it and Owen, the owner of the shop said he could squeeze me in. I wasn't sure exactly why I wanted this so much but I knew that in this moment I did. Looking back I think it had something to do with the fact that my sexuality had gotten me into trouble about that time and this was one way of making it my own, a fresh start.

Anyway. I asked about getting my nipple done and Owen checked that there was no one waiting and heartily agreed. I had heard a few bad things about this place but the guys all seemed friendly and happy. I found out later that the rumours of Owen being blind in one eye probably had some foundation. But more of that in a minute.

Owen and Steve (the apprentice) pulled out a rather rickety looking dentist type chair and told me to hop up. I wiggled my way onto the chair and Owen asked me to pop my boob out. At the same time he showed me the brand new in-the-packet needle and the jewellery. I agreed that everything was sterile and he proceed to de-package everything.

By this point I was a little nervous and self-conscious, there being three guys who I didn't know in the room, but to tell the truth I just thought 'what the hell' and watched as he clamped my nipple. This didn't hurt as much as I'd heard it would. Owen was just lining up the needle and telling me to breathe, when I turned my vision to the clock and concentrated on accepting the pain that was about to come. I heard something about 'She's not crying in pain yet, must be a natural poser' and then the needle was through. It really wasn't as bad as I'd heard, felt more weird than painful. Putting the jewellery through hurt though. A lot!

After Owen had fixed some gauze over it and I'd repositioned my bra so it was comfy, we left the shop smiling and with chocolate cake that Terry (the tattooist) had shared with us. It was still raining and cold and I could feel my nips getting hard and immediately realised that it probably wasn't a great idea to have got my nipple pierced in the middle of winter! I told Toni this and she did the most amazing impression of my mother I have ever heard 'Its self inflicted, you'll get no sympathy!' We ran for the bus stop laughing and I was happier than I had been for ages, I suppose that was the endorphins!

I didn't think till afterwards that it was weird they hadn't made me sign any consent forms or anything and it wasn't until I got home later in the day and took off the gauze that I discovered my piercing was squint! This made me remember all the times I'd been told never to get pierced by Owen because he was practically blind in one eye. Not sure I believe this but I'm a bit of a perfectionist and was seriously pissed at it not being straight. I don't like to complain though, besides they cant get it right all the time! Anyway, healing went fine, a lot quicker than I thought it would be. I'd been told not to do anything to it except wash it in the shower but I've always soaked my new piercings in salt water at least once a day and did the same with this one. The only set-back came when I changed the barbell for a nipple shield before it had completely healed. This made the piercing really tender for a couple of weeks but it settled down after that and the shield does disguise the fact that its wonky. I've learned to live with it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Owen
Studio: Deep+Blue
Location: Eastbourne

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