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An Aesthetic Tribute

Getting my nipples pierced was decision I came to rather quickly. I decided to get them done vertically, because I found it aesthetically pleasing. I believe that decision is in part due to many years of life drawing classes – when one sketches the human form, lots of vertical lines are used as a foundation before drawing the curves of the body. I liked the idea of vertical barbells, and that was that.

I lived in Boston at the time, and my favorite modification artist, Brian Decker, worked in New York City. I was stubborn and refused the thought of anyone else performing the piercing, so I waited until the Suspension Convention 2004. I knew Brian would be traveling up from NYC for the convention (which took place in Rhode Island), and he agreed to pierce me during the weekend of festivities. I knew I'd be suspending as well, so I decided to get my nipples pierced prior to my suspension. I figured that my body would have an easier time healing the nipples, then the suspension wounds, rather than the other way around.

On Saturday night, I traveled to Brian's hotel room after the day's events were over. I was signed up to suspend the following morning, so that took care of my "nipples first, suspension second" plans. Brian had brought all his supplies with him, and was performing modification procedures out of his hotel room. Let me make this abundantly clear: any modification artist that does work out of a hotel room exclusively is probably to be avoided. But I knew Brian well and trusted him. I also knew he'd bend over backwards to make sure everything was as sterile as possible considering the surroundings. I was not anxious.

Brian and I had previously messaged each other back and forth to discuss jewelry options, and Brian insisted on doing the piercings at a 12 gauge, maximum. This unnerved me a bit – I have rather small nipples (1/2 inch barbells fit me with a bit of room to spare). I thought piercing them at a 12 gauge would be more painful. But in hindsight, I know Brian was right and I'm glad I agreed with him. In fact, I'd like to stretch my nipples up to a 10 gauge in the future. The thicker metal is more pleasurable to tug and play with.

Brian had autoclaved jewelry and tools, and he had me lay back on the floor. I wore a loose-fitting tank top sans bra, and I simply took the neckline of the garment and slid it under my breasts. This allowed him easy piercing access and gave me a bit of modesty. Brian carefully cleaned off my nipples and marked me with a toothpick dipped in gentian violet ink. After he surveyed the marks and proclaimed them to be perfect, I lay back down and Brian got ready to pierce me. He asked which nipple I wanted to have pierced first, in case the pain was overwhelming and I quit before the second nipple was pierced. I told him it didn't matter which side he did first – there was no way I was going to leave the room with an unpierced nipple!

I should add, at this point, that many other people were in the room, lounging on the two double beds, watching poker games on television and talking. This didn't bother me in the slightest. I knew everyone in the room, and their presences made the procedure feel like a family affair. It was rather nice. I felt totally at ease – in a way, having other people heavily involved in IAM around me during my procedure made it easier. I felt like my nipple piercings would be a testament to how comfortable and happy I was in the modification community.

Brian removed the first sterile needle from its packaging, changed gloves several more times, and readied the receiving tube against the other side of my nipple. I am thankful and lucky that Brian does not use clamps for nipple piercings – I know this made my experience easier and less stressful.

I took a deep breath and released it, then took another. On the second exhale, Brian pushed the 12 gauge needle through my right nipple. I felt the needle travel through layers of tissue and exit my body. It hurt – the pain can be best described as sharp and hot. However, the feeling was surprisingly laced with a bit of pleasure. Compare it to a very sharp pinch given by a lover. The sharp pain faded as Brian slid in the jewelry.

Brian discarded the first needle and removed the second from its sterile packaging. He repeated the procedure; lining up the receiving tube and having me take two breaths. However, my left nipple was a bit more resilient than my right. Brian quickly re-adjusted his hand and finished pushing the needle through my nipple, while I made a face. He screwed on the second barbell and I relaxed for a bit before clambering up to view my newly-decorated nipples in the convenient hotel bathroom mirror. To say I was pleased would be an understatement – I was thrilled. My breasts are on the smaller side, and the vertical barbells enhanced them beautifully. I thanked Brian profusely, and other people in the room admired his handiwork. I left the hotel room, already mentally preparing myself for the suspension I was going to do just thirteen hours later.

Healing was completely uneventful. Right afterward the procedure, my nipples began to throb and ache, but the feeling had passed by the next morning. I left the piercings completely alone, with the exception of washing them with hot water in my daily shower. After they stopped lymphing, I used a bit of diluted Dr. Bronner's mild formula soap on them when I bathed to ensure that they were clean. Otherwise, they healed just fine on their own.

My vertical nipple piercings are a tribute to that amazing weekend in Rhode Island, and continue to be numbered among my most loved modifications.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2005
in Nipple Piercing

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