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My Nipples

Well it all started when I was going to ****** in Lockport, IL. I have been getting tattooed there since I have been 18 years old. I think That they are the best tattoo artist around. They do the best and cleanest work around. That is where I met Kivaka.  

While I was getting tattooed I over heard him talk to other customers about piercing and what you have to do to take care of them. He is one of the nicest people you could talk to you and you could ask him all sorts of questions about body piercing . He will give you the honest answer. He will not pull your chain about body piercing.  

I had to really think about getting my nipples done. It took me a while to think about it. It took me about a month or so to get the nerve to do it. When I got there I was nervous all hell. I had a couple of smoke before I got them done. That relaxed me for the time being.  After the smokes I filled out the paper work say that was over eighteen years old.  

My tattoo artist said I was nuts for getting them done because he won't even did it. Since I was outside my nipples were hard as rocks. So he had to make them soft again. He used warm water on his hands to get them soft again. When they were soft he cleaned them with iodine and alcohol. Then he marked my nipples where the jewelry was going to sit. After he marked them he made them hard again with a cold alcohol wipe to see if they would move and they did.  

After the fact that he got them marked he told me how he is going to pierce them. By this time I was getting really nervous about getting them done. He was talking to me to keep me from freaking out. While he was talking to he was getting the clamps ready. The whole time that he is doing this he has rubber gloves on so everything is clean and sterilized. Then he told me to la down on the cot so he could pierce my nipples.  

When he was putting the clamp on my nipple and I thought that would be it with pain because it really didn't hurt. When he got the clamp in the right position.  He was telling me how to breathe properly. I was breathing to fast and almost passed out. He told me to breathe in from my nose and out through my mouth. That really relaxed me . Then he told me to take a deep breath and then I felt him push and then there was this pain that never felt before. It felt like the worst titty twister that I have ever gotten.  

He then closed up the jewelry and told me to sit and asked if I was alright. I was alright. I was really surprised the pain that is involved in this piercing. I told him lets get the other one over with s I could get through the pain all over again. He started with the clamp all over again. Then he told me to breath all over again. Then the deep breath came and the pain was right there with it. He told me that he had to use pushers because my skin was tough. So that's why they hurt so bad I asked him and he said no. He told me that that was the most painful piercing that you could get.  

After the piercing he closed up the jewelry and wiped the little blood that was coming out of my nipples. Then he told me to check them out in the mirror. I was really surprised that they looked really good on me. He then wiped the blood off once again and that was it. After I put my shirt on he went over the cleaning process with me. He gave me this stuff called Satin Skin Care. It is a concentrated cleaner for new piercing. He told me to start to turn nipple with fort eight hours or the body could discharge right. Then he told me to rinse it out really good. If I didn't it could get infected and then it would really hurt. I understood him to the fullest. He explained everything really good. He even told me if I had any questions to call him or come in for anything. After he got done explaining how to take care of them he asked me if I was doing alright. I was doing fine. The pain set in about ten to fifteen minutes later. It just felt like someone was literally hung from  my nipples.  

If anyone is undecided where they want to get pierced from Kivaka is the guy to do it. Ii think he is the best. He knows his stuff and he will not bullshit you either.


submitted by: nips24
on: 10 March 2004
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+City
Location: Lockport%2CIL

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