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rings in my hairy man nipples

I've always had it in mind that I would wear some kind of jewelry in my nipples. Having started getting tattoos and piercing comparatively late in life (I never had a tattoo or even my loves pierced until I was 27) I tend to be in no hurry for things. I decide I'd like to do something and wait on it and if it doesn't go away after a month or two, I go ahead with it. So began the journey to get my nipples pierced.

It had been well over a year since I had anything done. My wife and I had a baby and she quite liked pulling on the rings I already had. I have 1.25" lobes, CBRs in my tragic and a center lip ring, which she takes great joy in pulling. I thought fresh piercings would be a tough heal with baby girl grabbing and pulling them, so I waited.

Nipples, having always appealed to me, were next in line and once baby got a little easier to handle I figure I would go ahead with them. I thought carrying the baby with freshly poked nipples might be a challenge but I'd waited long enough.

Saw a notice on Sean Philips' IAM page (LexTalonis) that he was looking to start doing piercings without clamps and was looking for people to volunteer to let him practice. Having heard nothing but good about the man I decided I'd go for that so I called him up and set it up for the coming Saturday. I have no problem waiting to make sure I'm sure I want something but when I decide for certain I tend to act on it immediately.

Drove to Sean's house in Glen Burnie, MD that Saturday, 1/31/04, to have them done since he was between shops. Turns out he has a room at his house as well equipped than many piercing shops I've been in. Having never met him, just talked for a while – he showed me his suspension tower in the back yard, which I hope to hang from in the near future. Then we went in to do the piercing.

Since I had called ahead and set it up, he had everything run through the autoclave already and was ready to go. We had originally discussed using 10 gauge CBRs but he suggested 12 gauge to start and he'd stretch them when they were healed. Fine with me, so we moved on. He marked them and then, when we were happy with the marks, he pierced them. Rings in and all was done.

I had read tons of experiences on BME and knew to expect anything from mild discomfort to blinding pain. It's got to be different for everyone so my advise to anyone would be not to expect to read these experiences and know what to expect from a piercing pain wise. For me – the first wasn't any worse than any other piercing I've had and the second hurt a bit more as the needle went through a little slower. Both were very manageable. I've heard other people talk about pain that made them pass out. You won't know till that needle goes through and, even if it hurts, it's over quickly.

A word about Sean; this guy is the picture of a professional. He is friendly, knowledgeable, clean and accommodating. Having never met the man, he received me into his home graciously, pierced me and then sat and talked for a while before I left. He made sure I was up on aftercare and offered me salt for soaks (I had some at home so turned it down), we exchanged parting gifts (he gave me Provon, I gave him cash) swapped spit (OK – we didn't swap spit) and I was on my way. In the days afterward he messaged me to make sure everything was going ok and when it appeared that one of the rings was placed a bit deeper than the other he was quick to make sure I knew to take it out and let it heal and he'd be more than happy to redo it on his dime. A true professional.

Healing has been a breeze. Picking up the baby was tough for a few days but I found creative idiotic looking ways to contort myself so I could hold her and not put pressure on my nipples. Salt water soaks once a day and otherwise I leave them alone and no problems for the first two weeks.

Not being someone who is sensitive to nipple stimulation as an individual previous to this, even while they're healing they do give me some good sensations from time to time when clothing or a seatbelt hits them the right way. The only problems so far have been my daughter who has a tendency to grab you in that area when you're laying down to pull herself up and stand next to you (she's 10 months) and has grabbed them a few times like that which hurts much worse than the needle part of the piercing. I tend to heal pretty quickly for whatever reason though so after 2 weeks, even when baby gets a hold by accident it's not even that bad anymore.

Was it worth it? I have yet to have a piercing that wasn't. Pain is very temporary and, relative to the reward, it's a minor annoyance and well worth the investment.


submitted by: brian.johnson
on: 20 Feb. 2004
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: Sean+Philips
Studio: Sean%27s+house
Location: Glen+Burnie%2C+MD

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