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my experience of getting my twins pierced.

Breast cancer runs in my family. Every female in my family has had it, and it is pretty much guaranteed that I will get it too. Because of this, I have always been eager to enjoy my boobies to the fullest, and to appreciate them while they are still around (or not mutated as all the other boobs in my family are.) Because of this (and because you must admit, its hot as hell) I decided that when I turned 18 I would get my nipples pierced.

I had just moved to New York for college a week before my birthday. I had previously found a piercer on Iam that had a shop 20 min from where I was moving. I instantly messaged him and got all the facts that I needed to know. He seemed very friendly and knowledgeable. Sadly, tennis season had just started, and after a few practices, I realized that tennis conditioning (which often left me drenched in sweat) and new nipple piercings just wouldn't mix, thus my piercings would have to wait.

One day the girlies were heading to Walmart, which just so happened to be near the piercing shop. Wow, what luck! I just couldn't pass this opportunity up to go into the shop, meet Dan and check things out. We parked, (laughed at the sign, tattooZ not tattoos) went in, said hi to Dan and looked around. Everything looked very clean, and the staff were definitely friendly. Dan showed up his portfolio, and explained how everything was new, and how it would not be reused. Due to shortage of time (damn tennis practice) we had to head out. I said bye to Dan and told him that I would contact him shortly to get my piercings.

A week passed. Two weeks passed, and finally three. Getting a ride to Auburn was harder then I thought it would be (I had quit the tennis team, so this was no longer a problem). I had asked so many people, all of who agreed, but couldn't for a while due to plans. I finally got tired of waiting, and began asking random people for a ride. Sarah, one of the girls on the tennis team who had a retired nipple piercing agreed to do it (why I didn't consider her before, I don't know). We set up a time, and I instant messaged Dan and let him know. We worked out the final details, and all was set.

Come Monday morning. Class, class and more class. I honestly have no idea what went on in those classes, I was much to excited about my piercings that I would be receiving in just a few hours to pay attention to class. 1 o'clock rolled around, I met Sarah just as planned and off we headed to Auburn. After much parking and re-parking (damn tow away signs) we finally got out of the car and walked into the shop. insert crazy heart pounding here I was nervous to say the least. The second we walked in, Dan knew it was us. He grabbed the jewelry we had previously discussed (not without making sure that my plans had not changed) and popped them into the autoclave. I was to be pierced with 12g CBRs. While waiting for the autoclave, Dan took my id, address, phone number, all that good stuff, and showed me pictures and streamers of his 4 pt suicide suspension that he had done earlier that week at the Woodstock Tattoo Festival. We talked, laughed, giggled nervously (ok ok, so I was t he only one giggling nervously) and finally it was time to do the deed.

We walked into the back room, and Dan asked if the apprentice could watch (I am sorry, I forgot your name). I said sure, and Dan proceeded to set up his supplies. He wiped down my nipple, marked it (had me check it), clamped it, and we were all set. We did some breathing exercises (you mean I have to breathe during this?), "in through your nose, out through your mouth, on the third one I will pierce" "NO! wait! Don't tell me when you are gonna do it!" Dan laughed and said that he always told when he was about to pierce and that I should let him. In, out, in out, in Ouch. Ok, so it didn't hurt anywhere near as bad as I thought, I would say maybe a 7 out of 10. In goes the CBR, on goes the ball. By the time we were ready for the next nipple, it was no longer hard (can you blame it? The poor nipple knew it was bout to have metal jammed through it) and Dan spent some time trying to readjust the clamp. In, out, in, out, in OUCH! This one hurt more then the first one did definite ly. Maybe a 8 this time. In goes the CBR, Dan drops the ball. Good job Dan. Off come the gloves, over to the case to get another ball, new gloves, on goes the ball, and we are all done. He wipes my tits off (not that there was any blood), covers them with some tissue, tells me to put my shirt back on, and goes over aftercare with me.

I tipped Dan and off we headed to the supermarket to buy soap and sea salt. My roommate doesn't know I got pierced, I suppose she will find out when she sees me soaking my tits in little Dixie cups. I have since shown everyone in sight. I absolutely love my new piercings. This morning there was no crust at all. I washed them in the shower, and soaked them this afternoon. They are not sore at all, I can poke and push them as I please with no pain at all (note, its probably not such a good idea to do so). I hope these heal well and that I enjoy them for a long while in the future.

If you live in the upstate New York area, I definitely recommend Extreme Tattooz and Dan. Please get in touch with me via Iam:curlyhare1. Also, I'm sure Dan would love it if you gave him a buzz. Iam: Dantm6. My, the joys of Iam and Bme!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2003
in Nipple Piercing

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Artist: dantm6
Studio: extreme+tattooz
Location: auburn%2C+ny

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